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Jason King


I’m announcing a new comic in early November and have been watching all these old ITC shows as preparation for the last month or so. Jason King is maybe the only action show I’ve ever seen where the concept is completely consumed by the actor and anyone else in this role would be a complete disaster.

Google the opening credits for PURE GENIUS!



That was awesome! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Here’s the video:

…and of course he was the inspiration for the character that turns Phoenix nuts in the classic Claremont and Byrne X-Men run. Not very subtly hidden when he’s called Jason Wyndgarde, an amalgam of the character and actor names and look the same.





The fascinating thing about those credits is who is credited. Lead actor. Executive story consultant. Music by. In that order. No other actors (ensemble casts? pah!), no director, no actual episode writer. The (sole) producer is there right at the end as an afterthought. When was the last time you saw credits like that? But basically the series was being sold on Wyngard and Spooner, and anyone else was irrelevant.

You just don’t see that any more. Compare it with something relatively modern:

Actor, actor, actor, actor, actor, actor, actor, casting by (??), casting consultant (???) (people really important I’m sure, but they’re not selling the show to me on those names), production designer, editor, director, TWO composers, FIVE producers, and Sorkin (surely the show’s actual selling point?) is buried right at the end of all that lot.

But anyway, back on topic: if MM’s next project is based on 60s TV drama, here’s my money :smile: