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Jared Leto is The Joker - First pic!


You know, I don’t hate this at all.

I did for a second and now I kind of love it. WB have made some unusual choices in their superhero journey of the last few years but Suicide Squad is shaping up to be something interesting. I remember everybody groaning when Ledger was cast so I’ve learned never to underestimate The Joker. He’s one of fictions greatest characters and, weirdly, when you look at the numbers the only time Batman movies really move the needle in terms of Box Office. Dark Knight Rises of course is the exception, but a lot of that was people who got into the franchise with Dark Knight capping the trilogy.

There’s something about this character people just love. I’m keen to see how this plays out:


I trust Leto to give the performance his all, the success of the “look” will depend on context, what the rest of the film looks like?

I think it’s fine, his Joker wont be a smug criminal in a suit, he’s going to (probably) be even more anarchic than Ledger was, a real loose canon. Probably with a canon.

But Marilyn Manson should definitely get a cheque for this. :wink:


Yeah, the performance will be everything. It’ll be interesting to see how this Joker compares to so many other Joker perfomances. Nicholson, Ledger, Hamill and even Romero have redefined the character in the past, and it’ll be interesting to see if Leto can do that again.


I thought the inspiration may be your ultimate Red Skull, Mark.


I like to compare the Joker to James Bond.
Every actor that plays him is going to bring their own individual interpretation to the role and each one is going to be unique.
Plus, everyone is gonna have their own personal favorite.
I reckon Leto is going to bring an even more twisted rendition than we have seen, which i’m all for!


I wasn’t very interest in Suicide Squad before but it looks like Leto’s portrayal of the Joker will be interesting. I like that the Joker lends himself to so many different interpretations. He’s kind of like Frank Miller described Batman, you can keep throwing these different concepts up against the wall and they just work.

I recently rewatched Tim Burton’s Batman and wasn’t too impressed with how it held up particularly Nicholson’s performance. It felt like he was just playing Crazy Jack Nicholson. Of course, that could all be hindsight and he actually changed how you could play the Joker on screen.


I don’t hate it at all. Mainly because the suit will cover 90 percent of it and all. Leto is a good actor so I’ll wait to see what his performance actually entails.

What still strikes me as odd is the Damaged…it’s so very “Hot Topic”.


Maybe we could have a Poll - Favorite Joker and Like/Dislike Leto Joker.

L’see: Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamill, Heath Ledger, Jared Leto, Kevin Michael Richardson, Larry Storch (Yep, Corporal Agarn from F Troop), or perhaps another of the 150 or so choices from animated projects? This does not include radio, stage, or lost television sketches.

Have a List!

So far, I’d go Ledger, Hamill, Nicholson.


And what, oh what, might this be?


The sad aspect of the whole Leto Joker, is that it poses the question:
How many unoriginal plonkers out there have or will run to their local tattoo parlors to copy the tats?! :wink:


I personally know one tattoo artist that would LOVE to fire on those images! Do you know how complicated, and how large those tattoos are? How many sessions it would take to ink them all with layers of color? This is the kind of thing that makes tattoo artists start eyeing a new car!

btw, here’s one of Jason’s work-in-progress legs:


Bah. Romero, Romero, and oh ok Ledger in a distant third place.


I agree, tattoo artists are gonna love the cash injection of someone coming in and saying “give me the Leto”

But, i just think its a bit unoriginal of the person who wants it, to get it though, dont ya think?


Yep. Had a patient who wanted a tat like the one what’s-his-name (drummer, married to Pamela Anderson for a while and they made a video) has, says “MAYHEM” in black Gothic across his abdomen. My patient? Got all whacked out before the inking started, freaked and left halfway through 'cause he couldn’t take the pain. So he had an abdomen that said “MAY”.

Not quite what he was going for! :information_desk_person:


I’ve heard a rumour that the ink won’t be there in the final film - can’t remember where I saw it atm. He’s killing it with his acting game right now so I see no reason he wouldn’t be a great Joker.


I hope that the tattoos are just part of the promotional image. They’re very self referential and frankly the green hair & crazy grin should be enough for Leto to play a perfectly deranged Joker without having to hammer it home like this.
‘Damaged’ on the forehead? Really?


The sense I’ve felt from the start was that it was a promo image slapped together to get ahead of leaked images and retain control of their marketing. It’s gotten the whole internet talking so it was a smashing success.

Personally I like the tats even if the forehead one is a bit much.


Rory just posted this elsewhere;

So, the tats are part of celebrating 75 years of The Joker, not part of the look for the film.

Personally, I’m a bit disappointed, but the candid shots looks plenty creepy.


This seems relevant to the discussion of the Joker’s appearance.

[The Complete History Of The Joker’s Many, Many Incarnations][1]



I liked the AV Club questioning whether the Joker is really the kind of guy who could sit still for long enough to even get a tattoo, let alone keep the skin dry and maintain the bandage routine for weeks at a time.


I guess we never questioned him getting measured up for those fitted purple suits.