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Is there anything she can’t do?


I hear she’s going to play Meryl Streep and John Cena in a bio pic.


Meryl Streep and John Cena or Meryl Streep as John Cena?


Yes, plus John Cena as Meryl Streep.


But she’s not British! #NotMyBond.


Meryl Streep and John Cena or Meryl Streep as John Cena?



Make her face portray emotion?



I’d be OK with a female James Bond but we have to get a male Mary Poppins in return.


Or create a new female character similar to Bond.


Yeah, I don’t know if that would be a good idea, either. To some extent, Bond has to be a mysogynist, toxic mess of a man. It’s what makes the character interesting.

I guess you could have a female version of this - kind of a Jenny Sparks sort of personality, only sexualised - buuuuut… I wouldn’t really see the point.


Atomic Blond basically already did that.


Cool. Still have to watch that one, I’m afraid.


It’s not a great movie but it definitely showed that a female Bond would work just fine.


Yeah, as much as I think it could be an interesting take, I think maleness is quite essential to Bond’s character in a way that isn’t always true for characters that people have suggested switching (like The Doctor, say).

Presumably it also showed that those characters can be done fine in other movies, without having to make such a big change to Bond that would affect other elements of his character.


Bond is a brand name though.

Broughton isn’t yet.


She’s called Modesty Blaise, done back in 1963.


Piers Morgan: still a wanker.