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It’ll still be three hours too long.


Even her personal pronoun is one letter too long!



Good choice. I’ve liked him since La Haine.

(He’s very good in Three Kings too.)


He could be like Kamal Khan

Off the subject, I didn’t know that Thunderball is the most successful Bond film (second to Skyfall,though I am not sure), adjusted for inflation.



Suprisingly, that article makes a good point;

How did we go from an origin story to a movie in which James Bond is too old to be James Bond? It’s as if the series skipped over the part where Craig got to play Bond in his prime.

They really haven’t done a movie with Craig just being Bond. The closest was ‘Quantum of Solace’ and as the article points out; he was still dealing with the emotional baggage from ‘Casino Royale’ in that.

And it was also a bit crap.


I think that was talked about a bit when Skyfall came out, it was a slightly weird move to jump from the origin story to the old warhorse take, but it worked for the stories the films were trying to tell individually.


So tell different stories.

Bond being Bond stories.

‘Skyfall’ has it’s own issues, and ‘Spectre’ even more so. Bond remain as popular ever, up against Marvel and ‘Fast and Furious’ its still doing great business, but I would like to see something a with a little (or better yet, a lot) less angst.


I think it will probably swing back that way with the next Bond actor. It seems to be the way it goes, oscillating between more serious and more fun takes.

In retrospect it’s maybe Brosnan who was the best compromise.


Timothy Dalton all the way!!

I haven’t seen any Bond since Casino Royale, but I still like the idea of a good Bond movie. The character has something that Bourne, Mission Impossible and other examples of the genre just don’t have.




Recently rewatched You Only Live Twice (because it was on the telly when we were in the Baltics).

Japanese Sean Connery is as hilarious as I remembered him to be.



My favourite Bond movie, but yes it’s slightly questionable in certain respects. :slight_smile:


I absolutely loved it as a kid. I mean, it has ninjas! This is where all the other Bond movies failed!


I definitely think it’s where the Austin Powers drew most inspiration from, of any Bond movie.


As I said once, Broccoli’s rarely change their screenwriters.

Last week I saw one of my favorite Bonds The Living Daylights and still holds pretty strong today (just if the Apfganistan sequence is a bit shortened). Dalton gave some freshness into the character. I also like it mixes grittiness, Cold War theme with some fantastical elements, like adjusted Aston Marvel with built rockets in, which is the concept rarely seen in Bond movies. Soundtrack is very much 80s, perhaps not at the same level as is in previous AVTAK, but I love it neverthless.

Today on the schedule is LTK, but think I won’t bother to see it. It doesn’t feel like Bond movie, and filmmakers unnecessarily americanized (read: hollywoodized) it.




Screenwriter Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who’ve been aboard the 007 franchise as story writers since 1999’s The World Is Not Enough

The movie that tried to convince us that Denise Richards could play a nuclear physicist? Screw those guys!