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It can be two things! :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s not something you can repeat, in that sense. But there are a lot of other things that set Casino Royale apart - apart from turning a lot of the usual Bond motifs on their heads, there was also a visceral energy that none of the other Craig Bonds were able to match. Low tech, no gimmicks, no complicated plot, no doomsday machinations. It was an extremely straightforward movie.


I think this is why I’ve enjoyed Dynamite’s take, who I’ve dubbed Bastard Bond. It’s far, far away from that.

That said, it was great in Casino Royale and Skyfall, just a total disaster in Spectre.


Mark Forster brought his editors, Sam Mendez brought Thomas Newman. But, writers in Bond franchise remained in long terms. Richard Maibaum wrote nearly every Bond film. Nowadays, Bond is written by Wade & Purvis team, if Boyle wanted to sack em, then I get the problem. And not just writers, but the main crew as well.

I hope you don’t refer to Kot’s Bond😀


That one hasn’t yet made it to trade and its reputation is proving quite the disincentive to purchase. Plus, I tried Zero, didn’t like it.



I just googled “ales kot bond review” and all the top results are videos from “Diversity & Comics” complaining about how Kot is an SJW who should never have been allowed to write Bond.

Are there actual reviews of the series out there?


Got this:

And, yeah, Diversity & Comics is freaking terrible.


Don’t know for Diversity Comics guy, but these Kot issues I find abyssmal. Bond against 20 or so tattooed Nazis in bathhouse - Punisher way; Bond and a psychiatrist play game of wits against each other - throughout the whole issue; Bond’s face dived in puke… No tnx. I prefer Ellis on this one. I never liked Kot btw. There is something creepy about the guy.


Kot has ideas that exceed his ability to execute.


Personally, I enjoyed Zero, and some of his other work.

I think Ales Kot is an ideas man absolutely, and it’s pretty clear he’s been raised on a diet of Ellis and Morrison. And no, his writing isn’t quite as strong yet as either of those two, but he’s still abysmally young, after all.


To think that Tiffany Case and miss Goodnight are the most incompetent Bond girls, though I prefer Tiffany for her sly, smooth talking. (I currently watch these movies at weekends).
Second thing I noticed is that Bond occasionally treats his women in Fleming’s style. Reportedly, Roger Moore hated roughing up Maud Adams’ character. As well as kicking the baddie over the cliff in FYEO.


I think that’s because Moore was a class act.



“I’m bored with something, therefore I propose we stop making it for the 50,000,000 people who still enjoy it.”


A little late with this but yeah, The Body mini was one of the weakest from Dynamite’s output so far.


I am glad they didn’t use this.

Sorry for the quality.


One of those names is said to be S.J. Clarkson, the longtime TV director who’s worked on everything from Marvel’s Jessica Jones and Defenders series to recent HBO fave Succession .

Per Variety, longtime Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson are now eyeing Clarkson and Bart Layton to potentially replace Boyle, who recently exited Bond 25 over creative differences. If hired, Clarkson would become the first woman to direct a James Bond movie in the franchise’s 50-plus-year history. It also wouldn’t be the only long-running movie franchise to hire Clarkson as their first female director; she’s also set to direct Star Trek 4 for Paramount.

I guess this means the Chris drop-outs have put a pause on the new Star Trek.


If he gets the job I bet the movie will be three hours too long.


If they hire a TV director I expect they’re planning to be quite hands on as producers.

There are a lot of very talented directors in TV, but they’re used to being part of the team a bit more than film auteurs.



If hired, Clarkson would become the first woman to direct a James Bond movie in the franchise’s 50-plus-year history.