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BossLogic fan art of Henry Cavill as Bond:


He looks like he’s about to start crying.


I was going to suggest he looks like he’s blown off and not sure if he has or hasn’t sharted.


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“with working James Bond”? :open_mouth:


“On the dole James Bond” drives a Vauxhall Nova.


Stella. Canned, not bottled.


Stella’s a bit posh. Carling will spread your dole money better. :smile:

(Any excuse for these great old Stella Artois adverts - reassuringly expensive).


Boyle no longer to direct next Bond film -



In retrospect that lasted longer than anyone would have given it credit for.


I was really looking forward to the Boyle movie. :frowning:

I really hope they don’t go back to some Purvis & Wade bullshit again.


I’m not hugely surprised, disappointed but in every interview I’ve read with him he hates being dictated to by the studio. He had his huge regret that he was persuaded to drop Ewan McGregor from The Beach and seemingly hated everything about making it and went back to indie fare where he could call the shots.


I could never quite picture what a Boyle directed Bond would look like. He’d either do his own thing, and the movie would feel out of place with the previous films. Or he’d be so watered down, that it would be pointless to even have have direct in the first place.

Idris Elba as the next James Bond…Director!!:scream:


I hope they go after Chris McQuarrie.


McQuarrie is a pro and a serious team player. I think he’d be a great choice but the Mission Impossible films are providing him with a regular job and he might not want to burn that bridge right now.


I hear you. It was the MI6 movie that made me think of him. I was more into that than any Bond movie of the past fifteen years minus Casino Royale.


He’s doing a great job, and the way he tells it, it was a huge decision to stop trying to be the indy film guy and take a big mainstream franchise job, but he’s glad he did it.

I think he’d know how to make a Bond film that satisfied him, the producers and the audience, but Tom Cruise hired him first.


McQuarrie hadn’t made a film in twelve years after The Way of the Gun flopped. It’s not like he was giving up indy movie jobs to work with Cruise.