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There are also some stories about him with barely legal, and possibly not legal, girls.


The Court of Public Opinion is always in session.

Can we wait until there’s actually a Twitter campaign to get him fired off something before we indulge in gossip like that?


Which one did you read?

I really like Ellis’ Bond comics but they’re definitely not the movie version.


I’m finding Dynamite’s stories of James Bond, Bastard to be a lot of fun.


I haven’t seen the M:I movie because it has Tom Cruise and it is not like the original TV show where it was so much more of a team effort than a one man show. But I digress…

Anyway I hear it has so many stunts and it makes me wonder whether the next Bond movie should be a can you top this movie. I say it should not but just work within the Bond elements. of Bond’s characterization, girls, gadgets, espionage, intrigue and so on. I am just saying that Bond should not try to outdo Ethan Hunt, Bourne, etc. but just go about his own business…


Eidolon. It was interesting in that there were few if any epic scenes. The final boss battle of the story took place in a driveway.




I don’t see it happening. I doubt they’ll announce anything until after the next movie, and Elba will be 48 by then.


I hope it doesn’t happen - there’s surely more interesting things Idris Elba could be doing than Bond. Which I don’t mean to be a knock on Bond, it’s just… well, I guess I do mean it to be a slight knock on Bond.

It’s like if Elba had been cast in some version of Sherlock Holmes instead of doing Luther. Sure it probably would have been a moderately interesting version of Holmes, but it wouldn’t have been as distinctive and interesting as Luther, because at the very least it’s just another version of Holmes instead of something brand new. It’s the same thing for Bond, for me. I’m sure there are some new avenues to explore in the character, but I’d much rather have an actor of Elba’s talent go and create something original.


Slow news day is it?

Elba would be great.

But Eon are also very good at the publicity game, and Craig’s next film is in the works right now,


Somehow I never thought Idris Elba was the right type for Bond. #notaracist Bond has to be more reptilian, slippery. Idris Elba is just too much of a straight character. Although admittedly I haven’t seen him in a lot of things.

I think the other black actor that got mentioned for Bond David Oyelowo is a better fit. But he’s also a little old.


Watch him in the tv show Ultraviolet and you’d get a good sense of what his bond would be like.


Speaking with THR , a rep for Fuqua firmly countered the The Daily Star ’s reporting, denying that the filmmaker had any such conversation with Broccoli:

He never had a conversation with Barbara about the franchise or about any casting. It’s all made up stuff. Not sure how it got started.

The Daily Star, making stuff up! Shocking!


My name’s Bond… Black Bond.

But in anyway, Idris is old now toga play 007. They can find another actor, but he’ll always be white character to me. Sean and Roger as well.


Kind of demands a Bond homage to his best Ultraviolet scene - four coffins, with timers, as the sun goes down .


If they pick Idris Elba to be the next James Bond, they should also pick him to sing the next James Bond title song:


May as well get him to direct the movie too, while they’re at it.


He’s a pretty good DJ so he can manage the wrap party too.


I hear he can make a mean bag of popcorn too.