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Fine. Great actor. Whoever he’s playing.


There’s a good BBC documentary that describes him as “a sort of Roger Connery”, funny but ruthless.

I like him and his approach to Bond, but they gave him some variable material to work with.


He’s playing Idris Elba.


I like Pierce. He add some slickness to the charatcer, just the way Connery did on his Bond. And he fitted perfectly in tone and style. Remeber, Goldeneye came six years after Licen se to Kill and the world has changed. Too bad that movies weren’t that good. Though Tomorrow Never Dies is fun, fast, solid Bond picture and I loved the interaction between him and Michelle Yeoh. On the side note, I think Piece got Bond from the books at least once; when he let the drill into the main villain in TND.

As for Mark Strong, isn’t he a bit old for JB?


He’s not playing Bond, Daniel Craig is back for the new movie.


Nah, not “street” enough.


I never really bought him as tough enough, the hand to hand was as bad as RM. Don’t take my opinions on Bond to seriously though, I don’t think anyone did better than Lazenby until DC came along. :wink:


Japan volcano featured in “James Bond” movie erupts, ejecting smoke and rocks


And some ninjas?


That’s taking camouflage a bit far.


Lego: Not very good at curves.

(Only joking really, it actually looks pretty good.)



Again: actor wants job.


I mean the Man from Uncle was clearly his audition for the part.


When was the last time Cavill played a character with an English accent? It might sound kinda weird if he did a role with one after the movies he’s done since Man of Steel.


Considering he’s a womanizer and has STDs, Cavill would be perfect to play Bond.


Wait, what?


Speaking of Bond, I recently read the Warren Ellis collection. It seemed pretty low key compared to the films when I’d expect the comics to be much more over the top.


It’s based more on the books than the movies.