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Ah, fair enough. I remember the rumours about Spectre’s reshoots feeling like they went on for months, but it obviously wasn’t as long as I remembered.


It’s still short. Sadly, not so unusual.


Yeah, the big SPECTRE press conference where they announced the cast wasn’t even until December 4th.





Take with a grain of salt:


More like a pound of it.


How do you present Bond to today’s audience?

Not like the old Connery movies or even Roger Moore. Going through women like Kleenex is dated.

Besides, Bond has to compete with other action heroes like Bourne, the Taken movies, Cruise in the Mission: Impossible movies and so on.

Bond has to adjust to being in the middle of the pack when it used to be way ahead.


It’s in the middle of a pack, but the pack is all doing well.

Bond is a film series that’s made the same sort of money as the ‘Fast and Furious’ films for the last two movies, and more than the ‘Mission’ movies.

Bond remains the benchmark. It started earlier and, of that original pack of Cold War spy movies, it’s the one that has survived.

They could screw it up, but they haven’t yet. Not irreparably anyway.


In that respect I really liked Casino Royale’s credits sequence, it felt like a suitably updated Bond.


It helps that the Cornell song is so good.


Funny, I was just watching that - first to see if my recall was accurate - it was, has to be one of the very few Bond credits sequences with no female bodies - second to post it here!

Arm yourself because no one else here will save you

Was a great summary of Bond in a perfect combo of music to imagery.


I remember a huge outcry about that song when it was announced, people not knowing who Chris Cornell was and asking why the hell he got to do a James Bond title sequence. But like, yeah, I thought it was great.


Bond movies were always a products of its time, though still I’d love to see a more classical adventure, even from Craig movie.


I love that one.



She freakin rocks!
I never cared for PB as 007 (though I was hoping he’d be cast after RM) but I’d watch any of those just for Judi Dench.


What I like about her is that she appeared more as a mother figure than boss to him. Though in all respect, no one can replace Bernard Lee imho.