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C U Next Tuesday, as they say.


Taking the high road, in reality the designation ‘C’ is from this man;


That’s only marginally less rude.


Actually, I was serious. In case someone thought I was joking.



Oh… that…

I mean, I know what c*** stands for, but I never figured it out for Spectre. Probably because I am non-English speaker, hence some jokes are lost on me.
Some things are a lot clearer now.



To be fair it only really works with Spectre, due to the nature of who Scott is playing.

re: female Bond

I’d like to see someone bring Tara Chase to the screen, either TV or film - though Queen & Country is probably more suited to TV.


They keep threatening to make Q&C but it never seems to happen.


I’d love to see a gender-flipped Bond spoof. Like an almost word-for word remake of Doctor No, just all the men are now women and vice versa.


Honestly, I’d have no problem with a Jane Bond movie. There’s nothing inherently male about the character anymore, as Atomic Blond made abundantly clear.


Would the female Bond be slapping the male’s asses and saying “woman talk?”


Absolutely. And if they did Goldfinger that means guy in speedos painted gold, and a gay pilot named Cock Galore


Shit, I just thought of a great one for the gender-flipped version of Diamonds are Forever - Plenty O’Toole becomes Plenty O’Minge


Well, spoof could be. Like it was Casino Royale, but with less lunacy than '67 film. Hell, there could be black Bond too. Like, imagine that MI6 is making Bond clones, with psychic traits, but different physical look. However, when it comes to real stuff, Bond is one of the few guys I only see him as it currently exist.



I would certainly pay to see that.


Even with Craig’s current “face”?


Let’s think about what really happened here. They were looking to re-cast Bond, somebody said “What about the guy from Slumdog Millionaire?”, and somebody else got the wrong end of the stick.


Not sure what happened here, but perhaps it’s attributable to Craig’s reluctance to keep up the character. Love him, though. Craig and Bond 25, bring it! Whomever takes the mantle next, at least we have a young and savvy Q and Moneypenny plus a rock solid M (miss you, though, Dame Judi) to align with him or her for a while.