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Please no. I was already bored to death by the Bond level in Inception.


I hope they ignore all the Blofeld stuff from SPECTRE, and just make a James Bond movie.




I’m good with that.

I really liked Skyfall as a once off. However one of the key points of that movie was that Bond isn’t a character given to looking backward. And then SPECTRE was all about his history.

So if they made a good solid Bond movie, I would be fine with it.


And utter dogshit.


I have very low threshold for enjoyment of Bond movies. I can find things to like about Octopussy. But yeah, SPECTRE was not their best day at the races.


I like Maude Adams.


I’m sure I posted my opinion of it a couple of years back, but basically it felt like a rejection of everything they tried doing in the prior Craig-era Bond movies. Casino Royale was clearly an attempt to modernise and revitalise a franchise that had been lagging for years. And while Quantum of Solace didn’t live up to that ideal and wasn’t that great, it kept with the idiom established in Casino Royale. And while Skyfall was a better movie, some of the old Bond elements started to seep back in, most notably the Aston Martin showing up in the final act, and giving us a more classic take on Bond’s relationship with his support apparatus by giving us a new, male M, and reintroducing Q and Moneypenny.

So Spectre winds up as this awkward half and half thing. Craig is still the Craig Bond, closer to the literary version, but in a framework that had been used for decades. And we get a gadgetcar chase, and a more traditional Bond plot structure, and it’s a mess. I’ve likened this progression to Marvel in the 90s through to the late 2000s. Like Marvel, MGM went bankrupt and were desperate to stay intact, and so they took risks - Marvel hired Garth Ennis, Brian Michael Bendis, Grant Morrison and some other Scottish guy with a proviso that they could take risks. But when Marvel got back on their feet, they slowly phased this out and we wind up with a landscape now that’s closer to their 90s output. Just like Spectre is closer to the platonic ideal of Bond than the risk-taking movies that saved the franchise and MGM.


I love Spectre. I watched it again a couple months ago and still thought it was great. I love Craig, Lea Seydoux’s character is awesome, and the whole thing is so stylish and beautiful. It’s definitely not a risk-taker but, imo, it’s one of the best iterations of the classic Bond aesthetic.

Could have done without the Blofeld-Bond connection, though. The booby-trapped HQ building at the end was a little silly, too.


I don’t disagree with any of that.

The movie has some great scenes. The bit with Monica Belucci being trailed by slightly out of focus hitmen was great.

But yeah, it was a bit of a misstep. For such a big opening sequence, it was strangely uninvolving. It was a very strange movie. It is an attempt to use all of the old Bond iconography and bring back SPECTRE, but also trying to weave in a personal angle by making Blofeld Bond’s defacto pissed off brother. Not sure why they did that, but it was a pretty stupid decision. It completely undermines Blofeld.

According to the movie, he was so pissed off with his parents taking in an orphan, he killed his father and started a criminal empire and spent many years trying to destroy Bond…but not quite destroy him, because he wanted to do it slowly and make him suffer.

At least the Blofeld in the novels had goals and a history.

I will note that John Logan was the writer of SPECTRE and also a not particularly good Star Trek movie…


But also Gladiator, Rango, and Penny Dreadful!


That’s not a good thing.


The clue is in the name. :slight_smile:


Hell yeah it is. It could be uneven as hell after season one but had many truly great episodes.


While it did have some good episodes, it never truly came together.

To me, what we got felt like Seasons 4-6 of a 9 season-long series.


Yeah, it felt like it was building to a big unification of its plot threads that never happened.


Weirdly SPECTRE was a big unification of plot threads that weren’t really there. It was a retcon of the previous three Craig movies to create a grand conspiracy out of nothing.

With John Logan, I have never understood why people like Gladiator. It always came across to me as a lazy man’s pastiche of Spartacus.


The Craig Bond movies were always building to Spectre. I didn’t like that they pulled Silva from Skyfall, the one movie that was outside of that build-up, into it, though.

Gladiator is one of my favorite movies. It’s just one incredible setpiece after another, Maximus’s character arc is really powerful, and great supporting performances from Richard Harris, Oliver Reed, and Joaquin Phoenix.


Oh well, we’ll just have to disagree on that one.

Yeah…that’s a good point.


I’m happy that Bond generally dumps it’s backstory as it goes along. It’s a format, not a serial.

Maybe that could’ve been different but they dropped the ball after ‘Casino Royale’ and never managed to pick it up again properly.

There are bits of each film that I like, but I not to the point of revisiting them on purpose.