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With Moore, and Lazenby, I think there was a conscious decision to go campy but every Bond since then has started as an attempt to do a serious update/modernization of the character.


The later Connery movies, and particularly Diamonds are Forever, are quite camp as well.


Definitely, I think that there’s a natural tendency for the series to slide into camp. Even Craig’s later films, with their reliance on nostalgia had elements of camp in them. It sort of what you saw with most long running horror series. You can only maintain a serious tone for so long.


Indeed Skyfall was already somewhat campy, and Spectre went all out in that respect.

God, I hope they don’t make another movie like that.


When I think about campy Moore, his Bond did have some more “Bond from the books” moments. He kicked the car with the bad guy in, down the cliff (FYEO), he twisted the arm of the lady (TMWTGG), he shot several times Stromberg (TSWLM), and his movies from 80s were already going for grit and serious.

And must add, AVTAK really did have some really violent stuff in. And I remember as a kid how gruesome and scary it was when Stromber fed his treacherous secretary to shark, while Bach music is playing. They even showed her severed arm later in the film



Very few movie or pop-culture properties quite rival the splashiness of the Bond franchise, which remains one of the most iconic brands with worldwide appeal. And unlike Star Wars, which was not owned by a major corporation until Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012, it is still somewhat independently owned. Some observers feel that the franchise, by only limiting itself to theatrical movies, remains vastly under-utilized by 21st century standards, where expectations are to exploit IP across all mediums, push out merchandising for all age brackets and have spin-offs and cinematic universes.

Please don’t dilute the brand like that.


My wife Connie wants that I wear my ‘Licence to Kill’-undies more often when I could do with his trademark drink. Stirred, whatever.


James Bond Jr Animated reboot is coming!


Not sure anyone wants a new version of this:


No one wanted that version…


Why’s he James Bond JUNIOR when he’s Bond’s nephew? Or is this a variation on the “We named the dog Indiana” theme?


The series has the grandson of Q and Leiter’s surfer son, don’t think too hard about ANYTHING related to it.


As much as I think he’d make a great film, I think I’d rather see Villeneuve pursue other, more original projects.


He’s supposed to be remaking Dune and Cleopatra next, neither of which I’d count as all that original a project, but he’d have a chance to leave more of a mark on them at least.


These crossover films are getting out of hand.


Much as I love Bond, I agree. I would like to see him do his own thing.

By the same token, I would love to see Christopher Nolan take a tilt at Bond…maybe have Cillian Murphy as a Bond Villain.


Wasn’t that basically his Batman movies? Lucius as Q, etc?

Been catching up with Dynamite Bond comics, decent reads overall with nice art.

  • Vargr, by Warren Ellis & Jason Masters -> was enjoyable, I liked how brutally cold Bond is.
  • Eidolon, by Warren Ellis & Jason Masters -> not enjoyed as much as the first arc.
  • Black Box, by Benhamin Percy & Rapha Lobosco -> was interesting, but not much else. The Macguffin was kind of silly.
  • Hammerhead, by Andy Diggle & Luca Casalanguida -> was fun, felt more like a Bond movie than the rest.
  • Kill Chain, by Andy Diggle & Luca Casalanguida -> same as the previous one, only half of it has been released.
  • Felix Leiter, by James Robinson & Aaron Campbell -> Robinson’s take on Felix is interesting, suffering a huge inferiority complex comparing himself to Bond and Tiger Tanaka (stop whinning Felix)
  • Service, by Kieron Gillen & Antonio Fuso -> Nice one shot.
  • Moneypenny, by Jody Houser & Jacob Edgar -> Passable, there is not much meat to the story.

Some news about upcoming titles:

  • A graphic novel adaptation of Casino Royale by Van Jensen & Dennis Calero is coming this month/early november
  • Another special, Solstice, by Ibrahim Moustafa is releasing in November.
  • Another miniseries, The Body, written by Ales Kot, was announced for January 2018.


He doesn’t seem particularly interested in doing original projects all that much. So far only 2 of his American films have been original.


Blade Runner is the only time he’s done a big franchise film, isn’t it? The others may have included adaptations from existing works, but I consider them more in the realm of ‘original’ movies than making another Bond film would be.