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On the other hand, Hardy has the “extreme violence” part nailed.



I’m glad that’s settled.


I am happy with that.

Now, a good, non-reactionary script, please.


At least until the next film. :smile:


Agreed, but that’s three years away (probably).

The speculation can go back to being a background thing.


It may sound crazy, but I think that Aidan Gillen could hit the part perfectly.


Gillen is older than Craig.


No shit? I didn’t know that.


It’s unlikely with the kind of Bond we’re now used to. I could see Gillen as a Roger Moore kind of Bond - smart, sardonic, seductive, close to satirical sometimes. But I doubt they’ll move away from Bond as a blunt instrument after Craig; the next one is bound to have a similar body type and air of brutality (which is fine, as it’s the other great Bond tradition).


I’m not sure, I don’t think there’s a plan as such. They seem very open to whatever comes along.

Moore wasn’t Connery. neither was Lazenby. When Brosnan wasn’t available because of his TV contract they went with Dalton, and the two are quite different actors.

The next actor might be anything, as long as he’s identifiably Bond.


Absolutely. But I doubt they’ll want to change the style of the movies radically anytime soon, as the approach they used with Craig has served them pretty well. So I’d expect them to go with at least one more actor who is physically similarly impressive. Both Tom Hardy and Idris Elba would of course fit that particular bill. Hiddleston or Gillen wouldn’t.


Now that Craig is definitely doing another one, Elba will almost certainly be too old to take over. He’s 44 now, he’d be almost 50 by the time his first movie comes out.


Well as I said, they’ve changed it despite success. Connery wasn’t losing them money when they went with Lazenby and then Moore. Brosnan’s films were big financial hits when they chose Craig.

Bond might stay a bruiser, but he could easily be something else.


The full interview.

I’m glad he’s back, but I would’ve been totally ready to move on to a new Bond too. Like Steve said, I’m glad it’s settled. :slight_smile:


Fair points all. And I am sure there’ll be more than enough room for speculation after Craig’s last turn :slight_smile:


Taking a very broad look at the casting history (and setting aside Lazenby’s outing) they went from the bruiser Connery to the campier Moore to the bruiser Dalton to the campier Brosnan to the bruiser Craig, so it would suggest that the next one is more on the campier, lighter, winking side of things. That could also be as much a reaction to the MCU protagonists as Craig was to the Bourne movies and Batman Begins.


That’s also a fair point. There’s a general feeling out there that people want their movies to be more fun and less grim, so that’d be an argument for a lighter Bond.


I wouldn’t really call Dalton a bruiser. He was decidedly more vicious than Moore but he was still suave and on the slim side. Brosnan didn’t start out campy either. Like Craig he started out as an attempt to go modern with the Bond character and slowly slid into camp as the films went on.


Sure. Like I said, it was a very broad look at the casting history :slight_smile: