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Which he seems to have shrugged off in Spectre.

Maybe it was because they drilled a hole in his head.


Yeah. But like Steve says, that’s kind of a necessity. I mean, in Skyfall he’s already back to full-on psychokiller, but that aspect really works in the first half of the movie. Love how in the psych-eval association game, he answers “employment” to “murder”.

Weirdest thing about Spectre is, though, that suddenly at the end of the movie, he decides not to kill and - do I really remember this? Or did I dream it? - even throws away the gun? That came completely out of the blue and made no sense to me whatsoever.


Nah, they’ll go for Kim Kardashian. :wink:


Kim is a lot of things, but an actress, she is not. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t say that I disagree with this guy’s point of view.

I need to watch the movie again, but I think that it tied into Madeline Swann telling him that he wasn’t just a killer.


Even if there was a line like that, it’s not like this was a major theme of the movie, was it? Hell, that kind of development would’ve made more sense for Skyfall, even, given his state at the start of the movie.


SSSHHH! Don’t give them any ideas!!!


Like that already isn’t “Plan A”…


I just hope they’ll dial things back to the kind of movie that Casino Royale was (and Quantum tried, to some extent, to be) and go back for that purity, now that Mendes is gone. There is nowhere to go with kind of nostalgia crapfest that Spectre was.

It would be easier to re-ignite with a new Bond, I guess, but I still love Craig in the role. If they can find a way to make a good movie again with him as Bond, I am fine with that.


To tell the truth, I find Skyfall overrated. It just does not have that feel of spy movie - instead, it seems like just another action-thriller with some greater depth in it, than we used to see in Bond movies. Still…

What I like about the Skyfall is the scene where Bond and Silva meet for the first time. And it was amazing! Watching Silva teasing Bond who shrug him off… flirting with him, question his loyalty to the country and Bond retain his cool. Great.

Spectre, I hadn’t opportunity to see it yet. But I watched the opening scene on YT, where Bond prepares for the assault - I like the way it has been shot, like in one take and that. On the other hand, judging what I saw, Blofeld didn’t bought me at all. Donald Pleasance will still be my favorite Blofeld.

Recently, I watched QoS, I forgot how bad movie it is.


The Sun, so probably take with a grain of salt.




I can think of plenty of applications of great spycraft for the Invisible Woman though.




According to the British paper, Barbara Broccoli allegedly talked Craig into playing Bond two more times. The script for Bond 25, which currently has the working title Shatterhand, is nearly finished according to The Sun, and Broccoli already has plans for the 26th Bond movie: a return to (perhaps remake of?) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the sixth Bond film from 1969 starring Sean Connery.

It’s nice to see that they might be thinking about not fridging poor Madeleine immediately.


The news was clearly written by Blameless Marad.

(Horizon Zero Dawn character)


“Broccoli already has plans for the 26th Bond movie: a return to (perhaps remake of?) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the sixth Bond film from 1969 starring Sean Connery.”

I know human beings are not flawless, especially journalism, but this…


Yeah, Javier Bardem really chewed the scenery in a way that worked. His Silva is pretty great. I’d probably say that up to that point, up to the moment they capture Silva, Skyfall is one of the best Bond movies ever. But it falls apart after that.

Yeah, that scene was great. Loved it. Unfortunately, it was the only good thing in the movie.


Daniel Craig should milk this opportunity for all it is worth. I have no idea what his salary is going to be for his future Bond movie(s) but I’m certain it is a very large multiple of whatever he would get paid for non-Bond movies. Take it while you can get it, build up a huge nest egg for retirement and beyond and then go off and do whatever more personally fulfilling creative endeavors you fancy.


Wasn’t Pierce Brosnan kicked off because of the salary? That he asked for too much? I remember that announcement a decade or so ago, where it is confirmed that he won’t play the character.