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Quoted for truth.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind an actor that isn’t british but I agree that James Bond should be british.

Apart from that, I don’t care about race or religion or sexual preference. A James Bond that sleeps with guys to get the job done? No problem for me. Reminds me a bit of Daken Akihiro, the son of Wolverine…


It has been suggested…


I forgot about that. Should give Skyfall a rewatch when I get home, I liked that movie a whole lot more than I liked Spectre.


Me too.

Edit: To add my two cents worth to the discussion, if we were imagining James Bond for the 21st Century, we wouldn’t necessarily say he had to be white. When he was imagined in the 1950’s, someone in that position and living that life would probably be white, but not necessarily today.

It is worth remembering that Bond wasn’t originally Scottish. That only came later, after Fleming saw Connery in the role and wrote the obituary at the beginning of You Only Live Twice.


Then how do you explain Graham Greene? He was a secret spy from around the 1940s onwards.


I’m not sure I could. I am a big fan though.


He doesn’t have to be white, just has to be interesting. Casino Royale was incredible. The rest of the Craig movies not so much. I couldn’t even make it through ten minutes of the last one.


I’m confused now. Was he black? :confused:


I thought he was like Kermit or the Cluedo Rev. :confused:


I actually think a gay/bi/pansexual Bond would be an interesting way to go as well. If would make him more of a true sociopath rather than just a misogynist and could add plenty of interesting story avenues to pursue. Atomic Blonde certainly shows that the Bond archetype would just as well as a woman as a man at the very least.


For anyone that wishes there was a female James Bond:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:


As I pointed out, it’s already been covered.

You don’t even need to go searching through used books stories to find it.

You’re welcome. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I was trying to point out it was covered decades before Atomic Blonde was even conceived :stuck_out_tongue:

And as I haven’t seen Atomic Blonde, I won’t claim that Modesty Blaise was better, but Modesty Blaise was better :stuck_out_tongue: .


Are their middle names James and Bond?


Well, Fleming wrote him that way, white and male and that’s my opinion about it. Sometimes I am not at all for PC. I remember my chagrin when Idris Alba (who could fit the the role) is casted in Dark Towers, or that dr. Who is female now.


Now that I mentioned dr. Who, I ll post the image I “stole” from FB


Anywy, I feel compassionate with the person top-left.



If the next James Bond is female, I’ll watch it without a moments hesitation.

Unless it’s an actress I can’t stand, like… Jessica Alba.


I rewatched it last week, and I while I still liked it, I also still have the same problems with it. It’s a beautifully shot movie, and I like the themes that are introduced early on - Bond as the old war horse who is getting tired of the job, and his relationship with M turning out to be more twisted than we thought and M herself far more ruthless.

But these themes are never really dealt with in the rest of the movie; instead, it becomes about new tech vs. good old spying. And it all completely falls apart when they go to the old farmhouse and team up with the trusty old gamekeeper - that’s when it just becomes silly. That’s also when the last and suddenly most important theme is introduced into the movie: nostalgia for Old Bond. It starts with the old car and its gimmicks (that don’t work in the context of the new Bond movies), and then the ending shows that actually Skyfall’s agenda was entirely reactionary all along: the competent female agent whom we met at the start of the film is banished behind the desk and turns out to be the new Moneypenny whose main job will be flirting with Bond, and M is once again a man. Welcome to the seventies.

And that’s what Spectre continued - it had a 70s era plot, which is why it didn’t work at all.

In contrast though, I also tried to watch Tomorrow Never Dies which I remembered as nothing spectacular, but entertaining enough when I saw it back then and it was bloody terrible. Gave up after half an hour or so. And then, once again in contrast, I finally saw Quantum of Solace, which wasn’t much liked back then and I have to say it was completely fine. I think a lot of the disappointment had more to do with how exceptional Casino Royale was; Quantum of Solace was just a Bond movie, but a pretty good one, I thought. And interestingly, it gave Bond a tiny bit of a soul and maybe even the ability to love.


They do that now and again. It’s tricky because, once he lets his guard down like that, they have to get it up again.

As Roger Moore might’ve said. :wink: