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Kevin Smith?


I was at a Q and A for Death Proof a couple of years ago, and he talked about that. His plan was to do Casino Royale with Pierce Brosnan, and to do it in black and white with Uma Thurman as Vesper.

He figured that he could do it for 35 million and that even the least successful Bond movies had made more than that. He reckoned that it could be Brosnan’s last movie and EON could bring in a new actor and get back to normal with the next movie.

It obviously didn’t happen.

Spielberg lobbied for a Bond gig in the 70’s (after Jaws). Cubby Broccolli didn’t want him at the time. When Spielberg got more successful, they wanted him, but they couldn’t afford him.

Apparently the idea for him directing Indiana Jones came from Spielberg complaining to George Lucas that he had lost out on the Bond directing gig.


One of the things I like about the Mission: Impossible franchise is that each of the first four directors (DePalma, Woo, Abrams, Bird) was able to put his stamp on his movie, rather than having to conform to a standard imposed by Cruise or the other producers. I’m bothered that McQuarrie, who directed the fifth installment, will helm the sixth as well; not because he did a bad job, but because it bucks the trend.


Wait, what if they’re the same person?


I liked that as well. Every movie had a different flavour.


Eon used to be a very in-house production company, but they’ve been hiring higher profile directors in since the 90’s and they’re being given more control as well. Mendes definitely moved the series in a direction of his choosing during his two films.

But Mendes isn’t Chris Nolan. If you hire Chris Nolan you’re hiring your boss. He wont do anything he doesn’t want to. The same would’ve been true of Tarantino. They don’t need a Bond, they just want to make them.


I think that brining in higher profile directors meant an improvement in quality of the series. I think that the movies were stuck in a rut in the 80’s. The whole thing got a new coat of paint with Goldeneye.

Conversely, I still think that one of the best Bond movies is one that was directed by someone promoted from within. Peter Hunt was an editor on the earlier Bond movies before making On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.



The next installment of the James Bond film franchise now has a release date. The untitled Bond 25 movie has been slotted for November 8, 2019, the producers said today, with a traditional earlier release in the UK and rest of the world.


Anonymous sources, but they sound pretty sure.



I don’t know whether Bond would be a step-down for Villeneuve or a step-up for the franchise, but if he wants to bring Roger Deakins back with him then I’m all for it.
What happened to the Nolan rumours though?


It’s likely in the same realms as Edgar Wright on a Marvel movie. The auteurs want total control, the rights owners want to chime in.


The Nolan rumours have’t entirely gone away and indeed he addressed them recently.

I suspect he’s unaffordable for the Bond producers on top of any issues over creative control.



They already have several.


If anything, I prey that next Bond won’t be black or muslim transgendered woman. He gotta be white!


Why does he have to be white?


As long as he’s from the British Isles and a murdering psychopath, well that’s all you need.
I don’t understand the race thing at all.


I don’t understand why you think he should be Welsh?

Why does Simon always have to ask such sensible questions? :slight_smile: