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I was watching Connery (and Lazenby) on TV and Moore in the cinemas.

But as a kid I didn’t notice it wasn’t the same guy.

And I still love ‘Moonraker’.


Alex Trevelyan is my Bond.


"Lovely girl - tastes like strawberries." :blush: I’d forgotten that line until now.


Not that surprising, but I guess it shows that work is starting on the next movie:



Cross-posting from the ‘Box Office Business’ thread:

An interesting rundown of the studios bidding for rights to distribute the next Bond movie (after Sony’s deal expired with Spectre:

Strange that the deal is just for one movie - you would think they would arrange for something more long-term than that. Unless they see the next as Craig’s last movie, and plan for a fresh start again after that…


I can’t access that at work for some reason.

Is it the studios asking for a one picture deal, or the producers? Because motives will vary according to who is in the driving seat?


The article says this:


I hope not.


“Now pay attention, 007. This might look like an ordinary bow and arrow…”


I read that as Orlando Jones for some reason!


If only…


In the middle of making new films and promoting them, Nolan has made no secret in the past that he’s wanted to direct a James Bond film. And if a new listing on IMDb Pro is accurate, the filmmaker may be one step closer to making it happen. According to a tweet from Birth.Movies.Death editor-at-large Phil Noble Jr., IMDb Pro lists Syncopy as the production company for Bond 25. And while Noble first viewed the listing as “nonsense,” a little digging by James Bond fan account @Bond25film suggested otherwise. The account says it contacted IMDb Pro verify the listing’s authenticity, and the company said the listing was accurate.


Please please please!


No, no, no.

I liked ‘Inception’, but the action was variable. Nolan was in his element with the corridor fight, but he struggled with vehicles, and car chases matter to Bond.

If he’s moving into exec producing Bond then maybe, but I don’t see (yet) why Eon would need him? He’s going to want a huge share of the money.


Exactly. The Bond level of inception (with the snow fortress) was terribly boring.


Why did I like that post? I loved Inception. :smile:

Boo Hiss. That was Nolan redoing the ending of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. It didn’t have Telly Savalas careering down a bobsleigh run, but so few films do.


I think I would enjoy seeing the James Bond franchise handed off to a bunch of established directors to see how they interpret the icon. Spielberg, Scorsese, Spike Lee, Ang Lee, Tarantino, Peter Jackson…


Zack Snyder?


Apparently Tarantino has lobbied for it before.

From what I’ve heard over the years I get the impression Broccoli and Wilson exert more control over the franchise than a big ‘name’ director would probably be comfortable with.