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I don’t think that would happen. He is notoriously picky about only doing stuff he really wants to do. Plus he is pushing 60 years old now.

If I recall, the only thing that he has done close to an action movie was The Last of the Mohicans way back when…which was brilliant and he was fantastic in.


How about John Cena?


Michael Cera.


Michael Bolton?


That’s never going to get old :grinning:


I’d prefer Chris Evans.


Now that he’s not doing Top Gear he might be available.


At least Shia hasn’t come up in conversation yet.


I don’t think it would either, it’s wishful thinking on my part.


Who is John Cena?


One of the nicest guys in the world, that’s who.


In that case it sounds like he’d be a good Cap.

Bond isn’t the nicest character in the world.


This makes a return engagement seem increasingly likely. The producers want him, he wants to come back… they just need to agree on the terms.


Very expensive terms, I have no doubt.


Tom Hiddleston
Michael Fassbender
Aidan Turner


Probably involving (00)7-figures?




Someone should really point out to him that Spectre made $200 million more than Mission Impossible 5.


I enjoyed Spectre overall but I kind of wish they had just let Blofeld be Blofeld, if that makes sense. I feel like the whole “you think the villain is this new character, but, surprise, it’s actually THIS ESTABLISHED VILLAIN” reveal is kind of getting old after Dark Knight Rises, Star Trek Into Darkness, etc. Like, I kind of wanted him to just be Blofeld right from the outset and just own it.

I would like to see Daniel Craig come back for one more. I liked “Casino Royale” a lot, but “Quantum” seemed like this kind of weird unfinished extension/sequel to CR that didn’t really stand on its own in my opinion. “Skyfall” I enjoyed immensely. “Spectre,” like I said, was decent but could have been better.

I’d like to see Craig come back for one more strong, solid entry in the series to cap off his legacy as 007.