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Predator: Enter Peppy O’Hare


I’d love Bale or Coster-Waldau


How many fits would be thrown over a Danish James Bond?


Four? Five maybe?

I don’t care, and after the Daniel (he’s too blond!) Craig fuss, most other people wouldn’t either.


Well, never say never…


Yeah. Those guys.

Coster-Waldau is a fantastic idea. He’d kill in that role.

As for a final Craig movie… I’d like to see one, I have to say. Spectre was such a crappy Bond movie, that it’d be sad to see him go out on that note. Wasn’t a really big fan of Skyfall either (though that one had great moments), and still haven’t seen Quantum (because nobody seemed to like it)… basically, Craig’s Bond started so brilliantly with Casino Royale that I’d really like to see him finish that way, too. And I still think there’d be a good chance of that if they got rid of Mendes and his ridiculous Bond nostalgia (Bondtalgia?). Bring back Martin Campbell for a final installment.


Mendes is gone and (so far) they’re not trying to get him back, he’s onto other things, maybe a new version of ‘James and the Giant Peach’?



Can we have a 1 handed Bond? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that would be a great idea!





Maybe it’s unfair to blame the failings of the last Bond movies on him. But it did feel like the direction changed when he came on board.


As speculation continues over the direction of the next James Bond film, the executive producer on the last five movies – Callum McDougall – has been speaking to Radio 4’s Today programme on the BBC. Specifically, he’s been addressing the suspicion that Daniel Craig won’t be returning as 007, and that Spectre was his swansong in the role.

“We would love Daniel to return as Bond, without any question”, McDougall insisted, when quizzed about the casting for James Bond 25. He added that Craig is producer Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli’s “first choice”.

If Craig signs, presenter Nick Robinson asked, the job’s his? “Absolutely”, McDougall said.

I guess this means there won’t be any announcements in the near future, especially if the movie isn’t out until the end of 2019, as seems likely now.


This must be heaven for his agent. They’re going to get him one hell of a pay day.


Benjamin Percy writing a James Bond book for Dynamite…

And James Robinson and Aaron Campbell on a Felix Leiter book…

Seriously Dynamite. No calls…I’m right here. I’m not difficult to find at all. :wink:


I was about to complain about a Felix comic cheapening the brand. But then I saw the creative team and the story they’re going to tell and yep, I’m in. :smile:


I’m surprised it hasn’t been done before. Or a series with other characters in the Fleming world, like a 008 series. I would imagine it to be a dark drama exploring masculinity in crisis, where we see the story of a man frustrated to be eternally overshadowed by a sex-mad psychopath. A man who always brings his equipment back to Q branch in pristine condition. And a man who is destined to be killed and have his mission taken over by Bond.

Dynamite…Call me


Eon (the film company) developed a spin-off from the films with Jynx, Halle Berry’s character from ‘Die Another Day’, but it was abandoned at some point,

Aside from the films, in print, the Fleming estate probably hasn’t felt the need to elseworld their property.

The books remain in print and the films continue to make money, recently a lot more money than even the glory days of ‘Goldfinger’.

But yes, there’s a whole world to explore if they want to.


I like it!!!


If they do let Craig go, I hope they provide a dump truck full of cash for Daniel Day Lewis.