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Fans of long films rejoice! It looks like Spectre is going to be an arse-numbing two-and-a-half-hours plus:


VARGR? What does that stand for?


That’s classified.


It’s the name of the upcoming Bond story that Warren Ellis is doing in comics form.



It’s how Sean Connery pronounces “vagina.”


Very Antagonistic Russian General Rollerblading - I’m sure of it.

Just watched The Spy who Loved Me again last night. For all of it’s silliness, it is one of my favourites, even if Roger Moore comes across as a more than a little bit sleazy by modern standards (and possibly by 1977 standards too). I hesitate to go so far as to call him a sex pest, but seriously…


That’d be a shite for shore eyesh for shure.


One of the digital TV channels had a Moore 007 season and I have to admit I thought the same at a couple of movies.


Ellis amused me with this interview:

[quote]CB: What’s the plot line of your first arc, VARGR? Where does the name come from?
WE: Well, that’s probably a function of where we are as an audience in 2015. Explaining the plot in an interview, for me, defeats the purpose of writing the book. The basic premise is all you need: Bond takes on a case left by a deceased fellow 00 agent, which leads him to consult in Berlin with the wealthy, brilliant medical inventor Slaven Kurjak in pursuit of an agile and high-tech drugs operation — and then it all goes wrong.[/quote]

Yep, I think that’s all I need. :slight_smile:

Also, good to know that he’s on board for at least a year. Should be interesting.


Thanks Dave. When Dynamite announced that they got the license I was hoping that they would pick someone good to write the book. I think that Ellis is a nigh on perfect choice for it. I’m really looking forward to it.

Has anyone read Trigger Mortis yet? I bought it last week as it was going Half price in WH Smith. I haven’t read it yet though. I understand it follows on from Goldfinger, so am planning to read them back to back.


When I saw the name Vargr, I thought of the aliens from the Traveller RPG:

I’m sure that’s not where Ellis got the name, though.


‘Spectre’ $100 Unlimited Ticket Offered by Regal for James Bond Fans

The unlimited ticket, available to the first 1,000 people who sign up, allows a moviegoer to see the film once a day for the entire length of its run in theaters. Sony and MGM open Spectre, starring Daniel Craig, on Nov. 6.

As part of the promotion, the pass will be an anodized steel collectible card etched with the Spectre symbol. It will take four to six weeks to arrive, and the cost of the ticket does not include shipping. The card is valid from Nov. 6, 2015, through June 6, 2016, and cannot be used to purchase seats online. In the second quarter of this year, the average ticket price was $8.61. At that rate, a person seeing Spectre 12 times would spend $103.32.


While I can’t imagine wanting to see Spectre 12 times, I can imagine loaning it out sequentially to everyone at work for £5 a time. Hmm…


Cue Dave’s maniac laugh as he swivels around in his large chair and strokes his white cat.




Sure. Why not?


Too “street”? :smile:


I’m sold. But then I was sold before this video too.


Yeah, Elba would make a great Bond.