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Jake Bilbao Sequential Art


My name is Jake Bilbao and I have been a professional comicbook artist for more than a decade and I would like to share a few sequential art pages from some of the projects I have done.





Brother, you are something special. Looks amazing. I like the flow of emotion in Once our Land.


These are stunningly good pages.


thank you


thank you DaveWallace


Those pages are amazing


Holy crap, Batman! The level of detail is really amazing. Are you open to working on indy projects? I’m always looking for artists to work on future projects.


thank you. yes most of my freelance work is for indy projects. please contact me at
I am available to take in more work as of the moment.


Crazy cool work here. Your hard work shows. Best of luck to you!




I’m still available for work as of the moment.

more samples of my work done for Once Our Land Book 2





More amazing work! Best of luck to you.


Excellent stuff. So, what projects are you working on at the moment?


Hello Paul, thank you. I am currently working on a wild west story for Sytse Algera.

I haven’t updated this thread, but I regularly update my instagram with the projects I am working on.