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Jail Break - Crowd Sale hits maximum discount!

Hello All,

I appreciate all of the support from Mark and Millarworld friends and family when I tried my hand at crowdfunding through Kickstarter with my first board/card game, Jail Break. The game didn’t hit our funding goal, but someone mentioned a website that manages one-run distribution for board games that turned out to be a great fit for our product.

After vetting them out, I found that they have a crowd sale option. The retail game (at $29.99) will continuously get cheaper with the more units sold. The max discount (when 100 units are sold) will bring Jail Break down to $19.99 and the great news is that we hit this discount with 6 days left to spare!!!

This is a local company (for me) out of Madison, Wisconsin, so I don’t know how much their international shipping will cost, but please give the link a look and maybe you find a game that interests you. Now is the time to buy as this is the cheapest Jail Break will cost for the foreseeable future.

Thanks again - VC