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Jail Break (a tabletop game for 2-6 inmates) from Paper Street Comics


Hello Millarworld!

I was once a regular poster on the boards until I took at new day-job last year, which literally killed off all of my daytime internet activity, and our family just welcomed our third child in September, which takes away a major portion of evening internet activity.

During the time away, I’ve been working on expanding the scope of my independent comic book company (Paper Street Comics) to include the tabletop card game, Jail Break.

It’s been a very exciting year, developing the game and getting it ready for production. We just launched the Kickstarter this week. Please give the campaign the look and spread the word. Thank you in advance for everyone who supports Jail Break, be it through pledges or sharing our campaign.

Take care,

Jail Break - Kickstarter Link


Good to see you, Vic!

I carefully note you are with Paper Street Comics.

I have to do this 'cause my pal Jim Salicrup (yep, of Marvel editing, long ago) runs Papercutz - another fine line of funnies.

Best of luck with the Kickstarter! MST3K (specifically Joel Hodgson) got $2 million in like a week to fund new episodes. And games remain hot.



Thanks Miqque!

My jaw would hit the floor if our Kickstarter got within an earshot of that kind of money. My goal is to earn enough to make the game and get it out there.

Hopefully we can gain some traction this week and over holiday season.

Thank you again for anyone supporting it through pledges and by sharing a link to the kickstarter.

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