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I've been reaching for the brass ring...


I’ve recently been applying for jobs I don’t have much of a chance of getting. I’m working on a great project with a super talented artist. But he has work to be done before we can begin our undertaking.

I most recently applied for a Marvel Editorial Internship for this fall. I have high hopes, but I’m not expecting anything. I’ve applied to be associate Editors and full editors at IDW and Marvel.

I’m only really typing this here as a way for me to get over it. Not looking for any responses. Just something to make myself feel better about being that guy who tries to get a job he isn’t qualified for. I don’t have a college education and everything I’ve learned about comics was through reading and writing.

I will post a page or two of some rough sketches from the comic with my friend. Just so there’s something pretty to look at.

That picture is outdated, as we’ve changed the appearance of both characters in the page. It does give you a taste of things to come. My work is good. It’s just unheard of.


Don’t be such a defeatist!
Of course you can get a job as an editors with anyone!
You just gotta work at it!
Show Marvel & DC that you CAN edit a book.
Start with people who make small press comics, offer your help for free!
Then meet editors at cons, be nice, don’t be creepy ask for advice make contacts.


Don’t be his-heartened! It can take ages, and the majority have been told no more times than they were accepted - that’s how it works, once you’r ein you’re in, but it’s not always easy.
There was a trend for a bit on twitter of Marvel and DC creators posting up copies of all their rejection letters.
One of the Irish artists working on Spider-man was laughed out of Comic-Con a few years ago by a nameless, but admittedly rude, Marvel artist. Jim Lee was turned down just before being given Punisher, then X-Men.
As Matt says, keep at it and show you can do your job well and the rest will come eventually. Start small, build up, keep learning; and the bets way to learn is by doing.
It’s easy to slip into not doing anything when it feels pointless, but as the saying goes “Even if you only go a little further, you’re lapping everyone who’s still on the couch”.
Best of luck!

EDIT: Alll my examples are artists as I don’t know as much about the Editorial side of things, though I have a friend who’s aiming for it too, and from what I’ve seen it’s the same for all areas of comics.