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It's that time of year again...


…When we all pay home to Rao, the Kryptonian sun god. But what a fun year it’s been. Netflix bought Millarworld, Kingsman got a sequel & maybe more exciting stuff than any 12 months ever. Big love & thx to all our readers and a huge Merry Christmas to all the little orphans. And it wouldn’t be Christmas without some snow-covered logo!!!


Merry Christmas (and Happy Birthday).


Merry Christmas, and best wishes for an unbelievably great 2018!!


Merry Birthday, Happy Christmas and an Incredible New Year!

Keep stunning us!


Been a blast! Thanks for everything you’ve done this year, Mark!



Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

Edit: that goes for all Millarworldlies


Merry Christmas to you and your family, happy birthday, and looking forward to some good stories next year!

And happy holidays to everyone else here too!


Merry Christmas Mark & Millarworlders

I hope you all have a good time and I wish you and your families all the best.

Mark, you’ve got an incredible and busy year ahead, I hope you get some time now go slow down and spend some time with your family.

Happy birthday !

And thanks for putting that pic up of the snow covered beano logo, I ache for those simpler times.


Merry Christmas all hope you have a great holidays


Merry Christmas one and all… :grinning:


Merry Christmas to all Millarworlders. Hope Santa is good to you all.


Happy Christmas, as I believe some of you say it.


Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas!!


A Merry Christmas and a fruitful 2018 to one and all.


Birthday and Christmas at the same time - that really sucks. How many presents have you been cheated out of over the years?

It’s a canny Scottish move though to save some money. Wish I’d thought of it.


Feliz Natal, or like you guys said in english, Merry Christmas from Brazil.
Best wishes and great holydays for everyone.


Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday, Chief. As amazing as this year has been, I can’t wait to see what the upcoming year brings for Millarworld. The future is definitely bright.


Happy Birthday Chief and Merry Christmas to all Millarworld. I hope that 2018 turns out to be as successful as 2017 for you Mark.


Happy Birthdaymas