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Issue 1 reboot fatigue


I feel quite proud of getting control of my comic buying habit. I’m barely buying anything now. A big part of my decision to cut back was the incessant rebooting and confusing numbering systems the big 2 adopted.

I understand they want to attract new readers who may be put off by issues up in the 100’s hence a number 1 gives a natural jump on point for new readers. However, high numbering never put me off as a kid. I also question how many people are buying comics aged under say 15 or 20 to those over?

Every comic I enjoyed reading and, crucially, collecting has had its numbering messed with with many titles having multiple no.1 issues in a decade.'it put me off collecting.

Did it work for you?


I see myself as a reader more than a collector now, the less comics taking up yet more space in my house the better - so I sell everything that I will not re-read.

The rebooting of numbers is a massive turn off for me personally, as is the number of comics being released by the big two, marvel in particular have completely lost me again due to this and their price points.

From this month’s Previews, all I ordered was Thor, and only because I want to see Aaron’s epic the whole way thru.

I may pick up a few titles digitally if I have time to read them but other than that it will take a lot of buzz and reasonably priced trades to get me picking up anything else from Marvel’s latest convoluted reboot.


No reboot here:

Nor here:

And especially not here:


Good question, @Highway1971. I would say it puts me off a bit. It kind of makes their line hard to follow. Though it does create excitement. I just wish there was a way to pre-mark stuff on Marvel Unlimited. So I could remember to read it once it hits there. For instance, a lot of the All-New All-Different Marvel stuff looks good but 6 months from now I will likely have forgotten about it.

I’m a lot like @ChrisS now. I would consider myself a comic reader and not collect. I only keep the material that I will reread or at least want to look at the art again. My pull list is honestly most Millarworld books now.

@njerry - I’m not so sure those books are arguments for not renumbering/relaunching. When’s the last time Savage Dragon was more than a vanity project for Erik Larsen? I see more people pissed off about the direction Fables has gone than enjoy it anymore. I don’t think even Hellboy has the excitement behind it that it once had especially since Mignola reduced his involvement.


It doesn’t bother me. I figure comic fans know what is going on and will work it out, but I know several new readers who jumped on with New52 and Marvel Now as it makes sense to them (how new reader friendly some of the restarts actually were is another story though)

The only problem I sometimes have is when the new numbering isn’t at a logical point. I’m looking at you Spider-Woman.


It’s unpopular to say, but reboots work. They work wonders for sales. I think there’s a clear barrier when you have issue 23 on the shelf beside issue 1. You can’t deny the sales numbers.

Comics should come up with a work around. Part 1 of X might be a way to help people pick up a book without it being in the middle of a story. Publishing books in seasons or years or some other method that breaks things up. One exception is when you get up there in numbers - when you’re facing issue 456 it matters alot less if you missed the back story, but on the other hand it’s not going to sell like issue 1 would.

I think it’s killed the collecting hobby, but I think it’s day had come anyway. Used to be getting a full run of a book was a point of pride in any collection - these days it’s an internet order away.


The issue one vs issue 72 argument is sound but how many times can it play out? I don’t know the demographics for comics buyers now but my comic shop doesn’t ever seem to have many teenagers or kids in it. You can’t buy ‘American’ comics in sweet shops and grocers like you could when I was a kid either.

I have a feeling there a are lot of guys out there like me who would have kept buying a lot of comics they had bought for years as much out of habit as enjoyment. The CONSTANT re numbering has served as a great exit point for me. How many others jumped off too?


Issue 208? Cute.


To be honest, I quite like the constant new number 1s. They make for excellent jumping on points, and that’s coming from someone who’s a pretty hardcore reader. There are a ton of titles I’ve picked up and ended up loving that I never would have tried if not for the number ones.

One of Marvel’s editors put it in a way that I think makes a lot of sense. Marvel’s comics are slowly moving into a seasonal model. Every time a book goes back to number one, it’s the start of a new season. If a book is getting a new creative team or heavy status quo change, I think it makes sense.

All that said, I’ve stopped thinking of getting new comics as a collecting. Most of the titles I’m getting from Marvel I’ll be selling for cheap or giving to charity in a few months. I’ll still have the digital copies if I want to read the issue (btw Marvel, best move you ever made) and if I really love the series, then I’ll get the trade. My trades and HCs are what I really consider my collection at this point. My own little awesome library.


Considering I only buy into a title for a specific creator’s run, it might make some sense for the company to renumber when they get a new creative team. But is there any logic in this world when Bendis has written at least 5 different Avengers #1’s?


Actually, one was Avengers, one was New Avengers, one was Avengers Assemble, one was Mighty Avengers, and one was All-New Mighty Avengers Assemble Now! (I think).


But they relaunched New Avengers while he was still writing it? Also Dark Avengers!

Edit: I’m so used to Marvel’s title practices that I completely missed your joke there. Says a lot, doesn’t it?


Yes, that’s right, he did Dark Avengers too, didn’t he? And Avengers Lite, and also Diet Avengers. So that’s at least eight.


You’re just being silly now! We all know Avengers Lite was just Diet Avengers repackages for the hip, trendy crowd.


No, you’re thinking of Avengers Zero. Or was it Avengers Max?


Well it’s kinda ridiculous that Uncanny Avengers vol.2 or All New Hawkeye just lasted 5 issues before getting a reboot… Why did they relaunch? 5 more issues in the previous series would’ve been better, no?


Avengers Clear was a bit of a flop wasn’t it? Sue Storm deserved better.


They’re starting the numbering on Hawkeye again but keeping the same creative team? Dammit Marvel.


I liked when Marvel kept the numbering in the top left but put a big issue 1 in a new story at the bottom. I think that’s a gteat way to please both but it didn’t take off.


That sounds better than those stupid .1 issues.