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Ismael Canales sequential samples


Hi! Long time, dudes! Here are the last samples I´ve been working on, Hellblazer! Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Millarworlders! Hoping for you all a miraculous weekend!


Hi guys! End of summer has been a very busy one; hoping you´re having a great early-autumn, just wanted to share with you the last samples I´ve been working on: Miss Marvel!!! Cheers :slight_smile:


Hi, Millarworlders!! Hoping for you guys a great sunday, from Jarvis and myself :slight_smile:


Hi, Millarworlders! How´s your day going? I wish I could post more artwork, but I´m busy as hell, and I barely can work on my samples for editors… But stop crying! Here are the last samples I´ve been working on. They are from Champions, the new Marvel series starring Ultimate Spider-Man, Miss Marvel, Nova, Viv Vision, Hulk (Amadeus Cho) and Cyclops; they took the life to get completed, but I hope you enjoy them :slight_smile: Cheers, guys!


Hi everyone! Here´s a commission I recently finished; to be honest, this was a pencilled page I did some time ago, but a client requested me to ink it. It´s been so much fun, but it took me a bit, due to my lack of time. Directly from my scanner, hope you like it! Have a great day, millarworlders :slight_smile:


Hey guys! Just a bunch of new samples; this time, New Avengers! From Civil War´s days :wink:


Damn, I don´t know how to upload double spread pages properly :frowning:


It’s not you. It’s something board software does for some reason. You can still click on the picture to see the whole thing.


Thanks Ronnie! That’s true, didn’t remember you can select the ‘view’ option. Also, I can’t sign up with my usual profile, I’m using that one that appears to be an older one I used to use. My avatar has changed, as you can see… Is there any chance to know my password so I can keep signing up with my usual profile? I was always logged and I can’t remember the right password ^^u
Thanks in advance!!


Sorry, I do not have the ability to recover or reset your password.

Also, we do not allow multiple accounts. So when you decide which account you would like to stick with, please let me know and I will disable the other one.


Okay, I’ll try to solve this as soon as I arrive home and will let you know. Thanks a lot for your time :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. Good luck.


Hi Ronnie! That took me a little while, but I finally checked my password in this account, so you can delete the “IsmaelC” user if you want; I´m very proud of this profile I´m using now, with Kick-Ass on it, and I´m happy of keep using it :slight_smile:


Hi guys! How´s your day going?? Just wanted to share with you a late night drawing I did couple nights ago. Just for fun, hope you enjoy it! Best! :slight_smile:


Will do. Glad you were able to get things sorted.


Hi again! This week seems to be the “late night sketch´s week”, so here´s the last one I did… Punk girl! Happy weekend to everyone :slight_smile:


Hey! Another late night drawing, this time for a couple weeks ago. Trying to get the vibe of the 80´s Spidey I grow up with, hope you like it. Have a great week!


Hey, millarworlders! Here´s the first part of a commission I´ve been working on recently. The JLA strikes! Inspired in Carlos Pacheco´s JLA/JSA Virtue and Vice (you can see the whole image by clicking on it). Hope you like it!


Hey guys! Here´s the second part of the commission, the JSA! You can see the whole image by clicking on it, hope you like it :slight_smile: