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Ismael Canales sequential samples


I was surprised because we both used similar solutions for narrative; I don’t know him, but he’s a talented guy! XDDD


HEY! So happy for salute you all again :slight_smile: Just wanted to post the last bunch of samples I´ve been working on; I really enjoyed Dr Strange´s movie tráiler, and I like so much what Aaron and Bachalo are doing on his series, so I really wanted to make something with the good Doctor.
They´re digital pencils, hope you like it! Take care, dudes.


Love those Strange pages.


Thanks Dave! It´s a really great character; what Ditko did in the early years opens an incredible wide range of graphic opportunities, its potential is HUGE!


Hi people! How´s this week going?
I´m enjoying what Spencer and Saiz are doing in Steve Rogers Captain America (yes, I do), so here´s my little homage; it was a speed drawing, but I´m having problems uploading the video, so here´s the pic. Cheers!! :slight_smile:


Hello, fellow Millarworlders! Here are the inked Doc Strange pages :slight_smile:


Love the panel work in these! I have a soft-spot for those kinds of inset panels in Page 2, and the diagonal ones in 3 are utilised really well! Often they can be flashy rather than fitting, but they really give it a dynamic feel while still leading the eye here!


Whoa, thanks a lot! Excuse me for responding you sooo late, I´ve been barely online lately ^^
I´m trying to learn how to use properly these “insert tiny panels”, I think they´re a really good tool and can help to make a more dynamic and interesting narrative; I´ve been Reading David Aja´s Hawkeye and he´s a truly master of narrative, and makes a great use of this resource :slight_smile: The diagonal panels come directly from my love for Alan Davis´ work, he´s the one who best uses them, making the narrative incredibly clear and clean, no matter how crazy and diagonal are his panels…
Thanks a lot for your feedback!! So glad you like the pages :slight_smile:


Hi guys!!
Okay, here´s a new bunch of samples (digital pencils); this time, my take on Rebirth´s Superman. Hope you enjoy them!!

You can check them also at:


And here are the sketches, in case you´re curious :slight_smile:


Here´s a Magik piece; love Illyana :heart:


I really love the Superman pages. Your sequentials are tight. They tell the story very well with varied panel composition. I especially like the inset facial expressions on the full page spread. Was this from a portfolio prompt by DC? Is that a new version of Mongul? Great work, Ismael.


Nice, man! I’ve always felt like Mongul needed a nice revamp to make him distinct and interesting.


Thanks a lot for your feedback, Ronnie! I´m really trying to work on my narrative, thinking how to make it as clear as possible for the reader, so thanks for talk about it; so glad you liked it.
These Superman´s samples are done without any script, just trying to créate a quick sequence when I can show backgrounds, real people, narrative and a bit of superhero action, trying to convince some editor that I can manage a variety of graphic scenaries.
About the big bad guy, not sure who he is; just a random cosmic villain, in a Mongul/Darkseid vibe :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your kind words and for taking the time of sharing with me your thoughs; best, man!!


Thanks, Deniz!! I´ll be so glad if they´ll take some of this design for creating a new Mongul, in this new Rebirth time :smiley:


Wow. Those three pages are really great portfolio pieces. I feel like they cover all the bases you were trying to plus some like character design. I think a lot of up and coming artists could take notes in that this is what you want to demonstrate in a portfolio.

I would read the shit out of that Superman story too. :wink:


I made samples this way because lots of pros suggest to do it that way, and I totally agree with the logic they use. Oh! And I’ll love to draw this cómic for you to read it!! Hahahaha


Hey! Just in case you´re curious about process stuff:

Argh! Page doesn´t show the entire image. You can check it here:


Hey, Millarworlders!! New bunch of samples, this time the Rebirth´s Batman (and my beloved Court of Owls), really hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Just in case you are curious, you can check them out at higher res here:


Hi guys! Experience the wonder! :slight_smile: