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Ismael Canales sequential samples


Thanks a lot Ronnie, so glad you liked it. Merry Christmas for you and your beloved ones!


Hey, thanks a lot Francis! Woah, I also believe Ivan Reis is absolutely amazing, he is a God among humans!
So happy you liked this quick piece, and thanks again for your kind words. Merry Christmas!!


No worries man… Your art is great… Merry Christmas too…


Well… HAPPY NEW YEAR from your friendly neighbour (me)!! :slightly_smiling:


Happy New Year!! Thanks for the art!


My pleasure! Happy New Year to you too!!


Hi everyone! Just a look at the process of a comic page; that one is a bit oldie, but a good example of how chaotic my layouts look like :stuck_out_tongue: Cheers!


Hello again! Wanted to share with you a new video of a quick drawing I did recently. This time… enter the Nightcrawler!! :slightly_smiling:


Hi, Millarworlders (?!); hope you´re doing great! Just wanted to share a commission piece I recently did for a friend.
It´s pencil, ink and watercolors on paper (it feels good to work non-digital from time to time!). Hope you like it :slightly_smiling:


That looks great! I really like the touch of color on The Joker. :thumbsup:


Thank you! Long time not using watercolors, it was so much fun!


Hello, Millarworlders! Just wanted to share with you a piece I´ve been working on recently; it´s a Darth Maul A3 piece, drawn in Canson Illustrarion board, with traditional pencils and inks.

It was suppoused to be a prize of a contest, and the winner was a friend of mine who loves Star Wars so much, so… :slight_smile:

Hope you like it! Thanks for watching.


As always…amazing! :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


Hey! Thanks a lot!! So glad you liked, and thankful for your kind words… Darth Maul is COOL! :slight_smile:


Sooo another fan-art? And a Star Wars one again?? WTF! Love Rey, one of the best “things” that had happened to the movies in a long time. Hope you like it, Millarworlders :smiley:


Some fantastic stuff in here, man!

Hard to chose a favourite, as all the sample pages are great. But, to pick one, I’d go for the Rey - some nice, subdued colouring there, which I love. Keep it up! :smile:


Hey, thanks EllBalson!! Sooo glad you liked my posts, much appreciated; I don´t know what happens with Rey, that ALL of us love her :slight_smile: It was a quick practice, but I´m happy because it ended looking pretty much what I had in my head before. Thanks again!!


Hello guys! Just wanted to show you a few samples I´ve been working on. I used the script provided in the DC´s Talent Workshop contest, hope you like them :slight_smile:


Holy crap!
That’s really great stuff.
I have seen worse art in published DC Comics.


Woah! Thank you so much for your words, man!
Just trying to learn an improve as much as I can whit every bunch of samples I draw.
Thanks a lot for your support :slight_smile: