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Ismael Canales sequential samples


Hey everyone! I forgot to upload here my trial for Millarworld´s contest :stuck_out_tongue: So here are my sequential samples :smile:


Also, wanted to share with you a quick stech done just before go to bed. No layouts, no studies, just FUN!


Freaking ROCKS! :sunglasses::thumbsup:


Thanks a lot! She is SO great, love her :smiley:


Hi! It appears my old post got off of date, so here´s a new one, just for share with you the comic-book art I´m working on, and hopefully get some useful feedback.
So here I post the last bunch of samples I´ve been working on recently, they´re of Dark Horse´s GHOST; hope you enjoy them! :smile:


really good stuff.


Thanks a lot! So glad you liked it.


Ismael, your old thread was still active, I’ve moved the posts here and will close down the other one so there’s no duplication.


Oh! Thanks a lot Gar! I thought it wasn´t active, I´m so sorry; thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:


No problem, oh and the Ghost piece is really good.


So happy you liked it! I´m really trying hard to keep improving my pages, so thanks :slight_smile:


Hey guys! Just watched Netflix´s Jessica Jones; not at the level of Daredevil, but I really liked it. Just wanted to create something inspired in the series, so here´s this quick sketch. Hope you like it! :smile:


Wow. Just watched another episode last night. That drawing is so spot on for the show. Great work.


Thanks Ronnie :slight_smile: I love the mood of the show, I find it so inspiring.


I do find myself wondering about odd things in the show though like how expensive her rent must be. Her apartment is huge by New York City standards. :wink:


Hahaha yeah, nobody in the block looks like very rich, and all of them can live in that building… I love Jessica´s apartment, dirtyness and holes in the wall included :smiley:


Hello, everyone! Just wanted to share a piece I´ve done as a Christmas card; not very usual, I know, but I wanted to remember those who are having a hard time these days. Everybody deserves a “Merry Christmas”.
So, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of you guys!! Best from Spain :smile:


Oh, and in case you´re curious, here´s a video showing the “making of” of the piece. Enjoy!


Great art and even better sentiment, Ismael. Merry Christmas.


Your art is really great dude… It stands out to me… It’s like when I first saw Ivan Reis’ art work for blackest night which was the first comic I read which was really good. So kudos for doing a great job on your art work… :smile: