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Ismael Canales sequential samples


Thanks Dave! It´s a simple adventure (I´m not a good writer); the background is a futuristic and sci-fy one, whit a bit of superheroes, but basically is the journey of the main character, trying to avoid a fate that seems predestined for him and get the control of his life, finding a purpouse.
Maybe it sounds a bit pretentious, but it´s a very simple and FUN story, at least in my mind! :smile:
Thanks again!


Hi, everyone! How´s it going? Just wanted to share with you a page from a new bunch of samples I´ve been working on recently. This time, of Green Lantern, one of the coolest characters in the 2814 spacial sector :slight_smile: Hope you like it, cheers!


I love that one!


Thanks! Hahaha yes, some manga vibe, love how many expressive resources the comic has! Glad you liked it, thanks :smiley:


Hi everyone! I keep working in some sequential samples; just wanted to share with you this one, this time from The Flash! Hope you like it, in case you´re curious, you can check out more stuff here:


Hi everybody! I´ve been working lately in some Spider-Men samples, and just wanted to share them with you guys. Hope you enjoy them :smile:


Amazing job man, keep it up.


Thanks a lot! So glad you liked it :smile:


Hey! Just wanted to share with you guys a fun piece I did for a friend, hope you like it. Best!


I love it! Give me more. :smile:


XD I´ll try!! Thanks a lot, man :smiley:


Love the third Spidey page there. I’m a fan of that sort of composition - buildings / backgrounds staying the same with characters moving from panel to panel. First piece of original art I ever got had that set up:


Thanks Bruce! Yeah, it´s a very dynamic resource, it seemed right for a Spidey´s page. Oh! And love the page you linked! Is it yours?
Thanks a lot for your feedback. :smile:


It’s mine in so far as I own it. I didn’t draw it or anything! Mike Collins pencilled it and Cliff Roninson inked it.


Right, got it! Really great work by Collins and Roninson (and thanks for the links!) :smile:


Hi guys! How´s everything going?? Long time without sharing new stuff with you guys; I´ve been trying to practice a bit more with pencil and paper, and not just work digitally, so here´s a page from a few Spider-Man´s samples I´ve been working on (missed Peter so much!)

, hope you like it! Best, Millarworlders :smile:


Wow! :smiley:
That’s a really good Spidey! I’d love to see that in colour.
Keep up the great work.


That Spider-Man is Amazing. Spectacular. Astonishing.

Er… Web Of.


Thank you!! I love working with Spidey, he’s so fun to draw. I’ll love to see it in color too! If anyone wants to color it I’ll be happy to provide a high-res file (I don’t hace the time to color it myself right now).


Hahahaha yeah!! That’s it :wink:
Thanks a lot!!