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Ismael Canales sequential samples


Ah, great. It’s quite a buzz seeing your name in print, even moreso seeing your work!



Agreed Mr.Millar. Thanks again for also allowing mine to venture out from the land of pixels to the world of ink on paper.

Also I realised recently that you wrote the first Dredd story I read this was also my second comic to read, The Great Brain Robbery in prog 836, it was a little extreme for a 10 year old but I loved it. Ron Smith on art didn’t hurt at all.


Thanks a lot Antodonnell!! Yeah, it´s pretty crazy look to the Superior piece, just a few pages away from Gordon Murphy´s drawings! Unbelievable…
Oh, and Superior is absolutely great, love what Leinil Yu did on that book, and the story is so touching… I hope I´ll be reading Starlight soon, I´m trying to complete the full Millarverse reads; such a fun homework! :smile:


THANK YOU so much, Chief… Allowing us to be a part of your books is priceless. Such an honor, can´t really believe it yet; if you come to Spain some day, lots of cold beers will be waiting for you :smile:
God bless, Mr. M!


Leinil Yu is one of my all time favourite artists. Have you tried Nemesis yet ? Also worth a read if you have not.

I’ve not read Jupiter’s Legacy or Kick-Ass 3 then I’ll be up to date. Life keeps me too busy to be able to read all the comics I want. It’s a full time job in and of itself.

Keep the good work coming Ismael. Do you have anything else in the works ?


Leinil Yu is an amazing artist (I discovered him in Superman´s Birthright), and keeps improving with each work… Man, where´s this guys limit?? :smiley:

I just read Jupiter´s Legacy TPB and it blew my mind; Quitely´s amazing, incredible, unstopable… and I think it´s one of the most brilliant stories that Mark had written. Totally recommended! I´m gonna read Chrononauts and Jupiter´s Circle next, if I find the time! Hahaha agree, reading comics is a full-time job!

Thanks a lot for your kind words, right now I´m working in some samples for send to editors, and thinking about another Millarverse´s piece; hope to share with you guys here soon :smile:

Oh! In case you missed it, here´s a cool documentary about Quitely´s job, working on a Jupiter´s Legacy page:


Hi! As I´ve been uploading some art pieces here, I think I´ll keep doing it from time to time (your feedback is much appreciated); I don´t want to be creating new posts and fullfilling the forum, so I´ll keep this post as my little corner in the forum (unless somebody tells me not to, of course!). So I just wanted to share with you guys a few samples I´ve been working on recently; they´re of New52´s Superman; please, if there is any problem with sharing pieces of non-Millarverse characters, just tell me and I´ll delete them :smile:


absolutely love it! :thumbsup:


Wow, that superior Piece is superb! Did you colour it also? I really like the composition and level of detail! Well done on getting published in the Millarworld books, it will bring a lot of eyes to your work no doubt!


Nice work as always. In general solid consistent work with a nice flow through the panels with a nice payoff at the end with Supermans reveal. Good stuff.

A few things to consider for future:

  • Panel 2 page one with the guy running behind Clark, using thinner lines to ink him would create a cleaner separation between the two characters. Not a big deal but helps clarity in the art.

  • I found the grey toned elements to be odd as it was not throughout the pages and just some panels. It would have worked fine just being B&W like the rest.


Great stuff, Ismael. Feel free to post any of your work here. If you like, I can change the name of this thread (or you might be able to as well) to reflect it just being your work. I don’t think there is a problem posting work of other characters. If I find out differently or that changes, I’ll try to let you know. So post away. Love your sequentials.


Thank you, dude!!!


Thank you so much, Liam!! Yes, I colored it, I had no idea of what was I doing, so I´m happy you like it :smiley: Being in a “little corner” of these books is unbelievable for me, so honored! Best :slight_smile:


Ey, thanks a lot for your feedback! Much appreciated; absolutely agree with the fact of different line widht, it´s basic and I´m trying to master it. I recently started to work digitally and I´m trying to get used to it, and that fact is one of the important “homework” I have to work in.
About the grey tones, are a bit odd in fact; just an experiment, trying to explore if it becomes a useful resource for me… In this case, I agree with you, they should be a constant in everypage.
Thank you, really! I´ll be thinking about all these points :slight_smile:


Thanks for clarifying it to me, Ronnie! I´ll think about a proper new title for this thread and probably change it; I´ll ask you if I have any doubt, I´ll be so thankful! Oh, and of course, if something is wrong, just tell me and I´ll fix it; anyway, hoping my next upload will be a Millarverse piece :smile:
Thanks for everything!!


Hi everyone! I´m in love with Jupiter´s Legacy, and Chloe Sampson in particular :stuck_out_tongue: So I just wanted to make some fanart with her, and here it is! The new issue of Weird magazine, just for you! Hope you enjoy it, people :slight_smile: Best!


Oh! And here is the process, in case you´re curious about these things :smile:


Hi, everyone! Just wanted to share with you a couple of inking test I´ve done recently; I´m trying to make this from time to time, to keep improving and learning, and also the fanboy inside of me has a lot of fun messing around with the incredible lineart of artists I admire. Today, the original art is from Arthur (the boss) Adams and J. Scott (the boy wonder) Campell! Hope you like it! :smile:


Hi there! I´m working in my free time (what´s that??) in a personal project; it has been in my mind for a long time, and has had many shapes as the time was running, but finally I´ve decided to give it a chance and I´m working in a six-page preview that I´ll can use as a proof-of-concept. When they´re done, I´ll submit them to some editors, or maybe I´ll try to present it as a webcomic, I´m not sure yet…
Anyway! I wanted to see something of it finished quickly so I´ll can keep excited about it, so I´ve finished a possible cover, and here it is! Hope you enjoy it :smile: Cheers!


Looks good! What’s it about?