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Ismael Canales sequential samples


Can you show any process stuff for the Kick-Ass one? That would be cool.


Hi, KandorLives! Thanks a lot for your comment; unfortunately, this piece was one of my first Works completely done digitally, and I deleted the “pencil layer”. I can share the inks, hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Oh, and as an extra, I´ll like to share with you a rejected first sketch for the Superior fan-art. It was a very different approaching, more iconic, maybe.


That’s cool man. I love the expression on Kick-Ass’s face. It makes a great avatar. :smile:
Maybe we should all have to draw our own?


Haha thanks a lot dude; sure, that would be fun that everyone draws his/her own avatar, lots of styles showing different corners of the Millarverse :smiley:


I think my style is best described as scribbles.


Love it


Thanks a lot, Dylan! Happy for you to like it.


Hahaha Nah, it´s just a matter of having fun!


Hey christasyd! I apologize, I didn´t see your message until now! Thanks a lot for you kind words, I´m happy if you liked it :smiley:


I just finished MPH 5 and saw this in the Millarworld Art section, congratulations! :thumbsup:


You are very good.


Thanks a lot Patrick! Much appreciated, really.


Thank you! Yeah, it was so exciting for me to be in that book, crazy hahaha. I´m really honored.
Amazing book, too; thanks for take the time in telling me! Cheers, man :slight_smile:


It was great to see this printed Jupiter’s Circle and Chrononauts.


Oh! It was also in those books?! Hadn´t picked them yet… Didn´t know! Thanks a lot for lettin´ me know, Darren!! :slight_smile:


Your Superior Fan-art was given an entire page! :smile:

Jupiter’s Circle #2 and Chrononauts #3



Oh! It´s the Superior piece?! An entire page??! Dammit, why I´m I delaying my monthly shopping? What an honor!! Thanks a lot, Darren! You made my day :smiley:


Soooo happy!! Finally got the my new Millarverse books!! Great stuff, so honored to be a small part of it, sharing pages with so ridiculously talented artists. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to Blake and Mark, and to you guys for your support. God bless! :_)


Looks awesome Ismael. It did look great in print :slight_smile: Congrats.

I need to re-read Superior and do an image. First up Starlight as I really love the visual style of that book.