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Ismael Canales sequential samples


good job, man!


Those pages look awesome. I especially like the reflection in the babies eye. Good job.


Thank you so much!!


Thanks a lot! Many details were described in the script, but is always interesting to try to figure out how you translate it into images ^^


Happy sunday to everybody! After finishing my run on Athena Voltaire and help a couple friends with their gigs, I’m back at making samples for showing to editors :slight_smile: Here are the layouts for them, this time trying to not screw The Chief himself’s work (it’s a well known plot for Marvel Knights)!!
Thank you, hope you like them!


Hello millarworlders! It took a bit, but finally I’ve finished these Spider-Man samples; so great to work over a script from The Chief himself! Hope You like them ^^


Those look fantastic.


Thanks You so much! :smiley:


Hello! Millarworlders!
Just wanted to share with you a piece I did last year for a comic-book anthology that is given as a free present in a spanish ComicCon. Hope You like It!


Hello guys! Here’s another piece I did last year, an Avengers sample cover. I had the chance of drawing characters I’ve never drawn before, and it was so much FUN! Hope you enjoy It ^^


Hi Millarworlders! These are some Batman samples I did recently, from a script by Andy Diggle; love what Diggle did here because It brings to us the detective Batman that I enjoy so much. Hope you like them!


Hello guys! Just a pin-up for this weekend! LOVE the Rocketeer, hope you like It! :slight_smile:


Hope you have a Happy week, you everybody :slight_smile: Here’s an Injustice’s pin-up for start this monday morning, hope you enjoy it!