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Ismael Canales sequential samples


Hello everyone!! Just to celebrate Christmas, wanted to share with you a recent piece I´ve done. This one is for a Club Batman´s expo in Spain, focused on the 80´s Joker. I´m so glad, because my favorite Joker versión is that one, the Jim Aparo, Dick Giordano, Brian Bolland, Jose Luis García López´s versión.
Also, it´s always fun to come back to the paper and traditional pencil/ink.
Hope you like it, and Merry Christmas! Wherever you are! :slight_smile:


Hello guys! I’ve been thinking about making a webcomic with a personal story I created some time ago. I’ll have to work on it in my free (??) time, and after being checking out a few cool platforms, I think maybe this forum would be a great place to host it in… At least, I’m pretty sure I’ll have some useful feedback, what do you think?


Wow, amazing stuff. You’re an inspiration. I recognize a lot of those sample pages, as I’ve tried working up a few of those myself, but nowhere near at the level you’re at.

How long have you been working digitally? I’ve got a tablet but still can’t bring myself to just dive in and make the switch even though I can see how amazingly easy it is to make corrections (which I always need to do).

And as to your latest question, definitely would enjoy following what you’re up to.


Hi! Let me thank you for your kind words, much apprectiated my friend! So glad you enjoy my stuff :slight_smile:

I´ve started working digitally about two years ago now; I know what you´re talking about, the proccess takes a bit of time for getting used to this new tool. In fact, I´m trying to know what the hell I´m doing even now XD The only thing I can say to you is keep working; as with any tool, the confidence and skill with it will come naturally to you. It can be a Little tricky in the begginning, but you´ll feel more comfortable with it while you keep using it; at least this is my experience, I hope you feel empowered and don´t hesitate to keep working. And YES, it makes corrections easier, thank God XDD

And thanks a lot for what you said about my webcomic; I don´t really have the time, but it´s something that is rolling in my brain lately, so… I don´t know how it will end. Sure thing is that this is a great fórum, with lots of kind people who give really useful feedback, so I encourage you to open your own threat and start posting your work, I´ll be so glad to see it too!

A pleasure talking with you! Best!!


HAPPY NEW YEAR, MILLARWORLDERS!! May the 2017 be GREAT with you all :slight_smile:


Hello guys! Here is a new bunch of samples, the very first one in 2017, hope you like it!


Poor Alan Moore. Why is Batman trying to drown him? :wink:


I didn´t realice it was him until the drawing was done XDDD Yeah, he is in our subconscious :joy:


relax, it’s just a killing joke…


Very nice art, sir. Keep up with the amazing work.


Thank you so much, Yuri! Much appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello, Pals! Hope you´re having a great weekend! Not sure if I´ve posted this here, but wanted to share with you this Little piece. It was done as a pin-up for a magazine that assistants to the Avilés ComicCon (Spain) receive as a gift. So much fun, drawing a crossover I´ve dreamt with for a loooong time, hope you like it! :slight_smile:


Happy Monday to everyone! I´m kinda happy with the return of the red boots in the Superman costume, so here´s my rendition to it. I like it more than the New52 one, so let´s celebrate new Superman costume!


Always happy to see Superman art. Great job, Ismael.


Thank you so much, Ronnie :slight_smile: It was so fun share some time with the big guy!


Hi guys! just wanted to share with you a little sneak peek of a mini-comic I´ve recently finished, for a magazine given to those who attend the Avilés ComicCon in Spain. So busy right now, hope to share great news with you soon, millarworlders :slight_smile:


Congrats! Looking forward to see more!!




Thank you so much, Yuri!! Hope to share more stuff soon :smiley:


Thanks, Ronnie :slight_smile: