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Is Your Brain Male or Female?


According to this neurology test my brain is 100% female. I was right thumb dominant and got 4/4 for the picking up emotions pictures!



…it’s more of a Daily Mail test than a neurology one …


I took a look, but as I have an issue with understanding facial expressions (no verbal cues to be exact) I’m a little bit lost.


i don’t even think mines human…


“Systemisters: According to popular mythology, men tend to be more obsessed by things such as cars and obscure facts, like these young train spotters pictured at Chislehurst and Sidcup station.”

“Train spotters”???

They gotta be heroin addicts or nerds. I’m betting train nerds.

All I know is my index and middle fingers are the same length, so it’s obvious that I’m a vampire. :congratulations: