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Is MM still FOX consultant?


I thought Mark still had that did? Would that mean Fox get the first refusal on any Millarworld projects or is that a separate arrangement?

I also wondered (without giving any details away) how much input Mark could give on Foxs X properties, stories or script advice etc. Would Mark have read Deadpool for example?

I also watched FF over Xmas which I thought was far better than I had read, if not a great movie. Again did Fox ask MM for help ?



I signed a four year deal back in Aug 2012 and about an NDA so I can’t get specific on details. But yes I’ve read everything, though my role more with the execs than dealing with the day to day talent. Once the director is hired for the gig it’s best to let them crack on with it.

The Millarworld movies at Fox is a completely different thing. I’ve never signed an exclusive with any company for the MW books for the same reason Marvel didn’t back in the day. If, for example. Fox had passed on Starlight when they had first-refusal it would have tainted the property for selling to other studios. I like to work with wide variety of places. At the moment, here’s where various properties are…

Kingsman: The Secret Service
Kindergarten Heroes

Recently moved Nemesis here


Studio 8:

Jupiter’s Legacy and MPH are with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and he’s developing these with private finance. Supercrooks and American Jesus have deals just set up, press releases about these due in the next month or so. Empress hasn’t gone out to town yet. Jupiter’s Circle rights tied to Jupiter’s Legacy.



Suddenly I’m very excited for Nemesis again.


Thanks for posting that. I find that stuff really interesting. I appreciate the NDA bit but I’m guessing you were asked opinion on FF at the screenplay stage. I’m guessing we won’t ever know what your notes were!

I’m also surprised Fox didn’t try some arm twisting to get you exclusively. That said my knowledge of how Hollywood works comes from watching Entourage!


I’d forgotten about this. What’s the story with it again? Is it coming out in comic form at all?


If JL and MPH are getting privately financed, is their a chance theyll end up as serials and not films?


They’ll be movies. MPH would be too much like Flash for TV. JL is all big budget movie.


Good point. Although I could see JL working as a series.


It’ll never be a TV show. The budget we’d need for two hours would be minimum 5X what a big TV show would spend on 14 hrs. We have our director and writer for a theatrical trilogy.