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Is it legal to post links to Daily Motion episodes?


My all time fave show is The Twilight Zone and I wondered how legal it was to link to the Daily Motion website where you can watch full episodes.

The Buster Keaton time-travel one is pretty much my favourite time travel story ever. The idea and the casting is so unique to the period and so inventive I’d love others to check it out. There’s never been anything like it.




I’m a huge fan of time-travel stories but have never heard of that one. Sounds like I need to check it out.


Daily Motion as well as Youtube work on the policy that if anyone complains on copyright grounds they will take it down because it is impossible to review all the content in advance.

It seems to work OK and the objections based on resale value. Take for example the BBC, try and get episodes of Doctor Who which sells big on DVD and there is nothing there, only short clips. Try a comedy panel show like QI from the same company, which doesn’t have much resale value, and you can watch it all.

Technically it should all be illegal if permission wasn’t asked but in practice if anyone has any objection it goes.