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Does anyone on here use an iPad for artwork? I’m thinking of getting one, but I’m not sure it will make a big enough difference to make it worth it.

Currently I’m liking working in regular pencil, scanning, turning the pencils blue, printing, inking, scanning again, and finally colouring in photoshop. I’ve actually only done that exact process once so far, but I’m really digging it.

I could see using an iPad to make adjustments to the pencils and inks, and to colour. I guess one thing that would make the biggest difference in my decision would be how layers would work, since I wouldn’t be able to use photoshop on the iPad and, if I’m correct, would just be using adobe sketch.

So I’d love to hear from anyone regarding their use of an iPad.



My wife uses one for her hand lettering artwork. She really likes it. You will want one that is compatible with the Apple Pencil or other pressure sensitive styluses.


Clip studio pro is magic and the new release of photoshop covers all your bases.
I bought the old one a month before the new version and regret it but it suits my skill set at the moment


My wife got the old non-Pro iPad and the first generation of the Apple Pencil and still really likes it.


Nice. I’m thinking of getting the latest iPad, and the Adonit pixel pen.


I love photoshop. I have the adobe monthly subscription, or whatever that’s called, where you pay every month but always have the most up to date version of photoshop. That’s why I’m still not positive I should bother with and iPad. I’d love to get a wacom cintiq since it can run photoshop, but the price is out of my league.


Before the iPad, my wife got a Wacom Intuos (one of their less expensive models) that she still uses and really likes.


It depends how you create your pages. There’s a lot of YouTube videos with some top level artists doing some amazing things. Have a look and see if it’s right for you


Thanks. I’ll definitely do some research, just thought there might be some people making comic art on an iPad here who would share their experiences.


I’ve been using it for basic stuff like character design to forward to artists & layouts. But the potential is definitely there.


Awesome. Thanks for sharing.