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Introducing Rachael - Millarworld's In-House Editor


Continuing the discussion from New Comics Thread - 27th January:

Hey folks! I’m the new staffer at Millarworld (and new to forums) but I’ll be hanging out here a lot from now on and want to hear all your thoughts on the latest Millarworld releases. Everything you tell me is fair game for the comics’ back pages - so get in touch and you may well see your thoughts crop up in the next comic. You can chat to me about other stuff too of course :slightly_smiling:



Hello Rachael!

I umm…

I don’t have anything to chat about really…

What, uhh… what you been up to?


It’s just nice that you’ve said hello!

Trying not to get blown away by ‘Storm Henry’ and reading all the comics that’ll be out over the next few months [exciting!]. Oh and some ironing…I didn’t have a particularly wild weekend.

How about you?


I am watching Billions and trying to decide if I should buy an Agent Carter and Odin Chibi doll for my work desk.

It is very bare and boring and desks need personality sometimes.


Welcome to Millarworld Rachael and good luck with your new role.




Surely the Gambit shrine takes away the bareness.

Hello Rachel.
If you have to edit all of the world of Millar.
I apologise in advance.


Ridiculous! The Shrine to Remy Lebeau couldn’t possibly be located on such a charmless surface!

The Shrine itself is located in a very secure location; thought to be known only to a few, actually known to even less. There are whispers, among the ragged network of invisible pickpockets, homeless thugs and street-urchins, that the path to the shrine might be found when “the Hand of Mercury clutches at oblivion’s strands” … but what this actually means … no-one can be sure.


Hmmm, desk shrine…not a bad idea for my new desk at Millarworld. Any suggestions?


I honestly don’t know Rachael…Your tag line says that you Work at Millarworld. Normally Millarworld is something that I do when I’m not working (whether I’m supposed to be is an entirely other question).

Maybe a mug saying “You don’t have to Crazy to work here, but it helps”?


Hi. Come on in, the waters fine.


Any sharks?


Nah, I think it’s mostly guppies.


I’m Partial to Our Lord and Duly elected President STARSCREAM!

But you may need to find something that suits your tastes.

I like the notion of MW being an actual place @SimonJones

I see Will and on the Door Blocking the Riff Raff from the Mod Room.

The Politcal and Big Two Areas having Plastic sheeting rather than Windows to allow for a quick Ejection.


It is a real place, as well as a state of mind.

Right! Homework…plan and build appropriate shrine…


In my experience it’s not a proper shrine unless it has some hair of the subject of the shrine (preferably glued to a dinner plate with their face crudely drawn on it).


Welcome to the boards, Rachael!

Rachael is doing great work on the annual, can’t thank her enough!


Sometimes you have to work around a plate.


Dinner plate portrait I can do. Hair…depends on the as-yet-undecided subject…


Umm… this IS Millarworld. So it HAS to be Mark, right? :wink: