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Introducing Me And My Short Comics “DJ Dirty Brown”


Here is Tammy. I am here introducing my comic “DJ Dirty Brown”.DJ Dirty Brown is a 13 issue comic series that is all about a magical girl who is a DJ in a town. This comic series is for all teenagers, as well as adults who are young at heart. This musical adventure contains elements of contemporary dance club music, suspense, investigation, African folklore, time travel, computerized virtual worlds, magic, love and humour.People who love this kind of comics let me know.



Hi, do you have any preview pages for us to have a look at here? Best of luck with the project!


Yeah, I Have. You can have a look at Let me know if you found it interesting!



Hello, I have an another link for my comics, Check Out this Page and enjoy reading this comic at


Hello , Here I am Back with my comic . Happy to share that we are now coming on Indiegogo . Have a Look at Share your ideas with us! Are you finding it interesting?