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Introduce yourself - Thread for new members!


Lot of newbies in here over the last 24 hours. Time for a wee intro to this top not community.

Fave Comics
Fave Movies
Fave TV
Fave Kurt Russell movie
Do you think Dawn of Justice is an extraneous sub-heading in the Supes V Bats movie?



Name-Pramit Santra
Just another freelancer
Comics n movies- Anything that enchants and enlightens together.
TV today is V-aste of time.
Haven’t seen much- tango Charlie? Poseidon?
They shoulda just said Justice League in subheading, it would’ve been more familiar.




Comic artist, illustrator, freelance

Fave Comics
Current stuffs from Vittorio Giardino

Fave Movies
The Straight Story, Contact, Megamind, Saving Private Ryan, The Return of the Living Dead, Back to the Future trilogy, Bicentennial Man and Fargo

Fave TV

Fave Kurt Russell movie
Poseidon (or Death Proof, maybe Poseidon)

Do you think Dawn of Justice is an extraneous sub-heading in the Supes V Bats movie?
Could be, but I think it will fit after we watch the movie


Omar Estevez
Freelance / Postgraduate student
Blacksad, Incal,
Tommy, Children of Men, Ghostbusters…
Twilight Zone, Breaking Bad…
Err… Escape from L.A.?
Errr… I think Superman and Batman are good persons. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m excited about this thread getting bigger and nobody clicking knowing what questions people are answering :smile:

PS Welcome to the boards everyone!


well…as been pull throwin my hat into the fray,my name is mohamadlubis from malaysia,around 43 doing freelance here n there,oddly enough been out of touch wit comic in the past 3 years or so n now just catching up,and im still hung up on the 90’ as u can see my drawing stuck in that era…haha…favourite movie…well thats a tough one,star trek comes to mind the old trilogy…fave tv …a toss up betweeen daredevil and supernatural…but the flash keep me addicted wit it fun side…fave kurt russell is the thing…about the dawn of justice,im still undecided…


Name Lorcan
Age 38
Fave Comics Wildcats 3.0, Authority, Sleeper, Empowered, Appleseed, Akira
Fave Movies 2001, Akira, Star Wars
Fave TV Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, The Wire,
Fave Kurt Russell movie The Thing
Do you think Dawn of Justice is an extraneous sub-heading in the Supes V Bats movie? Everything about that movie is extraneous


Name Martin
Age 28
Fave comics More Than Meets The Eye, Usagi Yojimbo
Fave Movies Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Maverick
Fave TV Only Connect, Rick & Morty, Last Week Tonight
Fave Kurt Russell Movie Stargate
Do you think Dawn of Justice is an extraneous sub-heading in the Supes V Bats movie? Hell, I’d say Superman is extraneous to it.


Hi All!

My name is Jane, aka JL Straw, from the UK.
I’m 32.
I’m a freelance inker primarily but I also pencil and beginning as a writer. I also do editorial work.
Fave comic? Thanos Rising! Anything Thanos really. And really enjoying Black Science.
Fave movies are too many to name. Can I name my fave video games instead? Halo, Half-Life, Bioshock and Dishonoured.
Fave TV show? Netflix’s Daredevil blew me away. Also a big fan of Game of Thrones and X-Files.
Big Trouble in Little China (naturally!) Also have fond memories of Tango and Cash.
Yes. They should have kept is purely Supes V Bats and not so desperately thrown in all and the kitchen sink. But I’m so looking forward to it anyway!


Welcome to MillarWorld, Lorcan!

Welcome to MillarWorld, Martin!


Yay! I’m making friends!


I don’t know, I don’t like the looks of this guy. Seems shady.


Is it the tie? I don’t usually wear a tie


Pfft, the tie’s the only bit that’s not shady.


Name: Mark O
Age: old as dirt
Occupation: home automation programmer
Fave Comics: Planetary, Avengers(Vol. 1) #89 - 97, Captain Marvel(the Starlin stories)
Fave Movies: 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Incredibles, Star Wars(a new hope)
Fave TV: Daredevil
Fave Kurt Russell movie: The Computer wore Tennis Shoes
Do you think Dawn of Justice is an extraneous sub-heading in the Supes V Bats movie? Yes.


Name: Sebastien J. Deam
Age: 19 (turning 20 next month!)
Occupation: Student of Science!
Fave Comics: The Amazing Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Captain America, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, JSA, The Secret Service and too many more
Fave Movies: Kingsman: The Secret Service, Marvel Cinematic Universe, A Clockwork Orange, Star Trek series, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Star Wars Saga
Fave TV Shows: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Thick of It, Daredevil, Archer, House, Batman: The Animated Series
Fave Kurt Russell Film: Stargate
Dawn of Justice? Why not,“Justice Returns”? If the Suicide Squad trailer’s anything to go by, an age of justice seems to have already passed


Welcome to Millarworld, Sebastien. What science are you studying?

I would also like to welcome @pramitsantra, @Leal, @Trucu, @lubisan, @theinkpages and @MarkOdom. Sorry I missed you all earlier. I hope you enjoy Millarworld.


Thankyou very much for the welcome! I’m studying undergraduate Biomedical Science with a bit of Biochemistry mixed in. Hopefully I’ll find a job with the degree


Welcome, Mark! And when I was born, they were still planning to make some dirt!

Welcome Sebastien! A Clockwork Orange at nigh twenty? You have my respect, sir!


We already have a Lorcan.