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Interesting theory on Snoke's identity - Star Wars spoilers!


This seems pretty kosher to me. I’d totally forgotten pretty much everything in episodes 2 and 3. EVERYTHING. So this is weirdly all kinda new to me. But I like the idea of wrapping the mythos together.



I’m becoming more comfortable with theory. Not sure I’m completely sold but it might not be so bad. I think they’ll have to re-explain the stuff from the Prequels because even I had little memory of it.


On another one of the mysteries from The Force Awakens, it looks like we may not find out who Rey’s parents are until Episode IX.

Star Wars: Episode IX’ Director Colin Trevorrow Addresses Rey’s Parentage


Ah! Nutty theory time! Right in my wheelhouse!

Snoke. Weird name.Could be variantly spelled Snoak. That could be a derivative of Smoak. Now we have a logical directional er… arrow pointing at a likely mother. Felicity Smoak. Now, Snoke could also be an Ellis Island twist from Snake. Who do we know named Snake? Plissken. No, he’s not dead. (he gets that a lot.) Therefore the most logical origin is that Snoke is the cosmic love child of Felicity Smoak and Snake Plissken.

Beat that.


All this is fantastic for the odds on my Snoke identity and Rey parentage clone bets!! I reckon I’ll get 50/1 for Snoke=Tarkin clone now, after that. I think it’s just a Sith master/apprentice theme and Williams is alluding to that connection/bond.


The Plaguis theory has been knocking around since way before the movie, initially I was dead against it, but I’m beginning to believe it. In all honesty, I can’t think of many more satisfying ways they could play it, even though the mere mention of Episode III brings me close to vomiting in my mouth.


I don’t know why but I think it’s Darth Vader.

And instead of being an hologram he is communicating through the force since he is dead.

But then again, it doesn’t fit with the end of Return since Vader had a turn of heart.


I’m partly being facetious here, but what if Snoke if both Plageuis and Tarkin- what if Tarkin was a Plageuis so weakened that he couldn’t use the Force that well, who was trying to sabotage the Empire in revenge for Palpitine’s betrayal?


Can you imagine the vast raging oceans of nerd anger if they reconnected something in the OT like this? Retconning Peter Cushing no less!


Not really, cue dialogue:

You couldn’t even defeat my pupil, what chance do you have against me, Skywalker?
(Cue plot bomb revelation that he’s the Emperor’s very-pissed-off-immortal-boss)

Totally hokey but very Star Wars.


Snokes. Why’d it have to be Snokes?