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Interesting Kingsman interview


Where I talk all kinds of stuff. DVD out today in UK, tomorrow I think in Gotham and Metropolis:



Awesome interview, thanks for posting it.

Because he didn’t go and make all those shitty movies like Harrison Ford did, he’s untouched, he’s still Luke Skywalker you know? Having him in the movie felt really special.

Nailed it! :thumbsup:
We’ll be watching Kingsman at home tonight. :wink:


I’ve mostly given up buying DVD’s as most things turn up on Netflix eventually. However I am definitely getting this one. Mrs. Jones absolutely loved it (saw it twice in the cinema) and I expect it will join her list of movies which cheer her up (currently includes Lock Stock, Snatch, Midnight Run, Tintin, Lethal Weapon, Any Indiana Jones movie and Die Hard).