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Inktober 2018


Day 22, Leatherface


Day 23 a day late
Expense also means loss.
The army of the dead on the fields of Bombay
Border of the green door
The northern population left petrified after the events of the Fever positioned at the border to warn off southern tribes

Day 23


I’ve got totally behind on this. Jumping back on.


I really need to draw more than one month out of the year.
I start to get the hang of it again by day 23!


It is ink, and it is October, but these were drawn as quick storyboards, not for Inktober. :frowning:


Inktober 2018 day23: Muddy

Brush bamboo.1hour

The Frog Prince


Day 24 Hahau/ Chop


Inktober 2018 day24: Chop

Brush bamboo.1hour



Day 24, Santanico Pandemonium, From Dusk Till Dawn


Bandit hears the word sit, but smells the word rabbit. Conflict.




Day 25 Miki/ Prickly

New character design. No idea of this guys backstory yet. Pretty happy to turn it around under 2 hours


Inktober 2018 day25: Prickly

Brush bamboo.1hour

Sleeping Beauty


Day 25, Chucky


@inktober Day 26 #Toro #Stretch

Moa the Metamorph.
Evolving to his Titan form


Day 26, Pinhead


Inktober 2018 day26: Stretch

Brush bamboo.1hour

The Princess and the Pea


I’m behind again so here’s another two-in-one.


Inktober 2018 day27: Thunder

Brush bamboo.1hour

The Hobbit: A Thunder Battle


Day 27, Katrina from Vamp