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Inktober 2018


[@inktober]) Day17

A monstrous Whakahao (sealion) takes to the ocean consuming all it can see


Day 17, Ash vs Pit Witch


Inktober 2018 day17: Swollen

Brush bamboo + water colour.1hour

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Day 18, The Fly


Inktober 2018 day18: Bottle

Brush bamboo.1hour

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Today’s thought process: ‘I don’t care what the word is, I’m drawing Spider-Man’.


Inktober 2018 day19: Scorched

Brush bamboo.1hour

The Adventures of Pinocchio


Day 19, Sam from Trick 'r Treat


Day 20, Carrie


Inktober 2018 day20: Breakable

Brush bamboo.1hour

Humpty Dumpty


Catching up.
Okay Day18
day 18
‪#bottle #Pātara
a bit of character design
Keri the Mechanic
Former Cooks Guard
Lost his eye to a bottle in a bar brawl
Boy I really need to play with the comics more. I suck at blending.
Head proportions all wrong

day 19
Police chief Amy Elizabeth.
Boy I really need to play with the copics more. I suck at blending.
Head proportions all wrong again!

Day 20
#Whati #Breaking
Māui escapes his Obsidian prison.
Yeah used a template for the body position but the rest is me with the help of @etheringtonbrothers[#howtothinkwhenyoudraw
(Tutorial 34 Breaking Glass!) Resisting the urge to drown it in colours as it works nice as it is.
1 drawing to go to catch up


Day 21
Drained / Wāra
The Waikato canyon
Once a might river now a barren waste land



So funny story about inktober
This tweet here
180,000 impressions( people read it or it appeared on their feed)

310 clicked on my profile
1 followed me :rofl:


Inktober 2018 day21: Drain

Brush bamboo.1hour

The Steadfast Tin Soldier


Day 21, Audrey 2

I tried something new and used my phone to color it.


Day 22, Jigsaw Puppet


Inktober 2018 day22: Expensive

Brush bamboo.1hour

A Christmas Carol