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INKTOBER 2017 Millarworld


Don’t worry about it the more the merrier. I’m surprised how much I’ve improved just by sketching every day!
Moving forward I’m just going to do head and trace a dynamic pose from a template and sketch over top of that.
It’s a great challenge and super relaxing


#inktober #inktoberDay11
Moa, shapeshifter. The muscle.
Bird like senses and traits. Feathered shoulders and arms


Okay so I did this one a day early but he’s basically a Maori Bane who inhales greenstone dust to gain super strength .

Oh and my markers have run out!


I trust you will complete the next one in your own blood, as any true artist would :wink:


I’m doing Inktober but not for character creation - hope you don’t mind me popping them in here since it’s the Inktober thread! I’ve followed a theme of movie monsters:












Yeah I was trying to prompt people who just wanted to give it a go.
I’m basically using some body models for the foreground and banging up big heads movinf forward!
Hopeless at hands and feet :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops, I seem to have dropped something. I’ll just leave it here…


ooft that looks good. Will look to see if there is a PC version. Thanks for the heads up.


Here are the line work for a pic I LOVED doing. Robocop is one of my all time favourite movies.

and here is another one I did with the word sword as a starting point.


‪Getting in early.‬
‪My killer-Kea‬
‪Wish I hadn’t added colour as I don’t have enough copics to blend.‬
‪#INKTOBER17 #inktoberday13 #aotearoa‬


Dip pen and nib, brush and fineliner, coloured using my phone … could get used to this!


Copics went tits up here
Looks like a 5 year old coloured it!


A blind 5 year old? :wink:



Batman White Knight fan art


Eh… not going to lie intimidating following @mansloth epic batman pic. But here we go.


A few more…


Okay behind a bit
Here we go


I wish I had time to sit down and draw every day, but this thread has at least inspired me to get the pens out and do a quick sketch whenever I do get a spare moment.


Ah, my favourite Spider-Man. Such a cool look.

Bride of Frankenstein ink-dropped-onto-wet-paper sketch…