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INKTOBER 2017 Millarworld


Sooooo I don’t consider myself an artist but I find that doodling can be a big help in forming character designs for my stories and ideas plus a good creative outlet

I propose as many people as possible on the boards join in this month for Inktober and use it to create new characters/creatures/creations

If you want you can even use these character turnarounds/ templates and basically color/colour in at your leisure


Superhero figure templates

So what do you think team?

Also here’s the official subjects if you want to have some motivation


So I’ll go first
Meet Hell’na
Her molten skin requires her to forge clothing with clay and mud and once heated creates a rock like coverage across her body(yeah yeah like the Thing!)


I guess I’ll join in.
But with a caveat I hope is okay.
5 years ago I got some artists on another forum to draw some characters I made up when I was a pre-teen.

Here’s one of the cooler ones:
I call him Big Luke - he has transparent, diamond hard, hands and works as a bouncer for a nightclub no one visits but everyone has a stake in.


I can post some specific character stuff once I look it out. But here are some sketches Iv done this week to work on my faces. Think it should fit in in here nicely.


Sorry just found this and thought it fitted the character design a bit more. This was me playing about trying to sort out the costume of a character called The Anarchist. He is an anti hero in the same sort of way that V is. However as that was sooo brilliantly designed and Iconic I wanted to try go for a different look. He is a punk anti establishment guy so somehow in my head that means go for a futuristic version of someone from the Warriors. The other suit is for a character to ware while taking part in a sort of running man game show.


Image 2 Here’s my inktober day2 peice or “later on day one”
Not sure who this guy is yet. He’s modelled after reckless heroes Chris Imbers work.
Chris is an avid Joe Mad fan but has a style of his own. To be fair I just used the facial structure that Chris used in photo one below. Also my first time having a proper go at using copic markers.

Just to be crystal clear. Image one is not mine it’s Chris imber

I’m image 2

Bloody tough!


Okay I’m procrastinating from work and enjoying this way to much.
Here’s a Terror’Tara (giant mutated Tuatara) may of overdone the copics on this one


A rough quick sketch after a bit to much to drink and smoke. It was Joey Diaz when i started it. No idea who it is a portrait of now. lol


Using inktober to practice textures and different brushes.


After Sydney Parkinson artist on board Captain Cooks Ship upon the discovery of New Zealand. Reference photo to the right.
No that’s not a cloak and are those scales?? Mmmm
#inktober #inktoberday3 #newzealand #aoetearoa


my inktober day 1 draw is a digital sketch of Aleister Black from wwe


Inktober2017 day 2 this time is Supergirl from dc comics


blending copic markers is fun when you figure it out. Still along way to go!


My uploads for the last two days

Day 5
This one did not go well…
Snake/eel dude called Cyril and alternative head Dave
Tried to copy from a photoshop mock-up I put together. #sad
#inktober #inktoberday5

Day 6
Back on track
Meet Kaiā the thief #inktober #inktoberday6 #aotearoa


Meet Rehu
Extra sensory perception and premonition. You can witness his visions through his “eyes”
#inktober #inktoberDay7 #aotearoa


#inktober #inktoberDay8 #aotearoa
The Taniwha. Supernatural Creature of Aotearoa (New Zealand) Dweller of the rivers, lakes and oceans


I’ve been doing Inktober since it started 10 days ago … they’re not hero drawings but here are a few I’ve done so far… I’ll try to remember this challenge as well going forward :slight_smile: .


Inktober day 9


Tane god of the forest
inktober #inktoberDay10 #


Wow these are all awesome. Would love to join in but don’t want to embarrass myself with my stick men