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Inktober 2015


Inktober is the Darkest month…

The inktober challenge, started by Jake Parker is simple - post an ink drawing every day for the month of October, and hashtag them #inktober

I did it last year, and got about 28 drawings done. This year I’m bending the rules a wee bit and trying to branch out my admittedly limited digital inking style using Manga Studio instead of Photoshop. I’ll be posting on Facebook and Tumblr

Here’s my first day - messing around with the nib pen tool.

Is anyone else doing this? If so, post your links here.


I follow several artists on Instagram that are doing Inktober. I’m looking forward to seeing what they put up.

I’ve also been trying to think of an artistic project I could do in my free time to release some energy. I think inking would be right up my alley. I’m generally better at collaborating and refining someone else’s work than dealing with a blank page. Anyone know a good way to get started?


Download a bunch of pencil art and print it out. Start inking.

I got motivated by Hitchy recently. We were talking about how much we liked Jim Aparo, and that he spent months just trying to reproduce the art. Yours is easier, in its way. I believe you will become an ink connoisseur quite soon!


You could start with pretty much any art, comics or otherwise, and figure out a way to trace over it. Three ways I can think of:

  1. Build a simple lightbox - basically a box with a light inside and a glass top.
  2. Get a Bleedproof Marker Pad (70gsm) - I’ve been able to ink my own pencil sketches using one of these by laying the paper on top. It’s thin enough to see through.
  3. Do it digitally - drop the art in and cover with a 70% or so white layer and start inking.


I will not stay behind on this myself, already started posting on my Instagram and blog:

Hope everyone posts on here about it, I love doing every year


When you print out pencil art it becomes, automatically, ink. Doesn’t this make it difficult to then ink it?


Printing out anything, pencils or whatever as just the blue layer is a great way to add real life inks. You can then scan it back in and filter out the blue so as to just get the inks.


Interesting, thanks. I clearly know nothing about art :smile: