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Infinity War Rumor Thread

Spoilerish type stuff can go here.


The spoiler-averse might want to be really careful. Metacritic has posted a cast list for Infinity War that will raise some eyebrows, so you might want to be careful. At least one site has already put up a headline about it.


Let us hope that nobody posts any clickbait articles with spoilery headlines around these parts then.


Please be Nic Cage’s Ghost Rider.


I can’t see that one going under the radar for long unless you climb into a cupboard for the next six weeks.

*I wouldn’t mind a IW spoiler thread to discuss it actually. Mods, is it to early for one?

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Yeah I saw it pretty randomly without intending to. I don’t mind, though, I don’t think it ruins anything and it better be true. That is a top five Marvel character for me.

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I’d say at this point we can assume it’s Peter Dinklege’ role and the actor named is on motion capture duties.

Edit: But then, thinking about it, they’ve debunked the Pip theory so many times, now SS is in it it makes no sense for him not to be Pip. I just seems very unlike Marvel to cast an unknown to such a big role.

If the rumours are true, and Silver Surfer is in it does that add credence to the rumour from a while back that Marvel may have traded X-Men tv-show rights with Fox to get the FF back, after Fant4stic bombed so badly?

I know the whole Disney/Fox deal is looming, but that hasn’t gone through yet.

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*trades something then buys it back



I took it to mean that character is in a bit of a legal grey area, like the Inhumans, no?

I have no idea what anyone is talking about and don’t really want to be spoiled but I also don’t want to be left out. :wink:


I thought the rights situation was fairly clear for that character, but maybe not.

We only ever hear little bits and pieces about these things - we never really have the full picture. So you may be right.

Feels like he would have appeared by now if that were the case. Quicksilver is another one in the grey area.

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Although if this is the first character to officially come over in the Fox deal, then having it the “herald” is pretty cool!


That is awesome.

I haven’t seen the spoiler so don’t know who you’re all talking about but I’m going to take a wild guess that Dinklage is playing the Silver Surfer?

*twiddles detective moustache

I hope so. He has a great voice.He could also play Beta Ray Bill.


So it’s confirmed, a digitally-youthed Victor Meldrew is definitely appearing in the post-credits scene.

(No, I don’t believe it either.)

I hear that the whole movie is a tie-in to the last 8 episodes of Agents of SHIELD, where agent May will beat the shit out of Thans to save the universe.